Tuesday 7 December 2010

Kuwaitis Over the Moon with Gulf Cup Win

Kuwait wins the Gulf Cup with 1-0 score against Saudi Arabia. the last time they won was in 1998, truly, a very long wait. The traffic yesterday at Gulf road was horrendous as Kuwaiti football fans celebrated by honking their horns. Some climbed on top of their cars, waving flags and even dancing.


Friday 26 November 2010

Kikay Side of Google: Boutiques.com

Who says Google is just for the geeks? Last week it proved it cares for fashionistas too. Google launched a revolutionary online site featuring celebrities fashion and personal styling - Boutiques.com. Site visitors can explore boutiques to browse clothes and accessories by celebrity, designer, blogger, retailer, trend and styles. The products you see on Boutiques.com are sold by online retailers who submit their products to be listed on the site.


Cirque du Soleil in Kuwait!

For the first time Cirque du Soleil together with the Moscow Circus is coming to Kuwait, and, and we have tickets - we're watching it tonight! Wohoo!

Cirque du Soleil is famous for giving live performances that combine acrobatic acts with dynamic ambience of colours and sounds. After all the rave reviews I heard from friends who watched a Cirque du Soleil show, I am very excited to experience it firsthand.


Wednesday 24 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M Craze

The Lanvin for H&M fever even reached Kuwait.

It was launched yesterday, 8am at The Avenues and Marina Mall. Good thing I didn't go because it was crazy. See how long the queue of people waiting for the The Avenues H&M store to open...


Sunday 21 November 2010

Kuwait: DSLRs Banned in Public?!

Just when I thought I was starting to fall in love with this country someone forwarded me below (Please oh please, I hope it's just a rumor...).

Seriously?! WTH. What am I going to do with my DSLR?! Use it as a dumbbell, you say? Sosyal :-|


Thursday 18 November 2010

Road Trip to Wafra

This morning I told Harley that we were going on a road trip to Wafra. He immediately nodded because perhaps he did not at first believe I was serious, or maybe just to shut me up. But when he realized that I was indeed not kidding he gently reminded me more than 3 times that we, or more accurately he had to drive about 200 km just to get us there, and there may be nothing worth to see there. Well I wouldn’t budge. He had to agree given the argument that here in Kuwait full tank of fuel only costs 3 KD (only Php 450!), which is of course so cheap compared to the price of fuel outside Middle East, we should grab the opportunity to explore the country while we are here.


Thursday 11 November 2010

I Heart ASQ Bride Musk

A Kuwaiti friend recommended the Bride Musk from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (ASQ). She vowed that it was one, if not her most favourite scent. We went to an ASQ store (Arraya 2 Mall) near our office and she asked the guy who worked there to dab a drop of oil on my wrist. Oh my, I immediately became a fan. It really smelled good! So fresh, oh so clean. I honestly loved it! The beautiful scent lingered through the rest of that day. Hubby even noticed it when he picked me up from work.


Friday 8 October 2010

Chic Accessories by Jojo

I work for a major bank here in Kuwait. Every day during the morning rush, stylish female colleagues sashay into the elevators seemingly performing an impromptu fashion show. I enjoy observing them, admiring how lovely they all look. During my first few days at work, I had to control my eyes from popping out when I noticed the bags, scarves and accessories are mostly designer.


Wednesday 22 September 2010

Thanks Adsense!

I opened my account a few days ago and was amazed to discover this amount from the big G.


Sunday 19 September 2010

Only 988 Weeks Left

I turned the big 3-0 this year. Though it’s been months since my birthday, it still feels odd that I can no longer say I am 20-something.

Do I feel old? Of course! I am not in some denial and say I feel young as ever because gosh I have already used up 60% of the years that I have before turning 50.

60%! Where did it all go? It’s amazing how time slips away just like that.


Sunday 25 July 2010

Life is indeed not fair!

I chanced upon this blog while googling for before and after nose job pictures of currently the biggest teen star of Philippine showbiz. After I finished a quick skim, I just couldn’t believe what I read. So I had to scroll back up again and scrutinize each picture the blogger posted.

OMG! I did not misread it the first time after all. The blogger and her friends are truly Prada wearing, jet setting and as well as enviably pretty Cebuana teeners...


Monday 12 July 2010

Congratulations Spain!

Gosh I love it when I am right. I can certainly give Paul the Octopus a run for his money.


Sunday 11 July 2010

La Roja (Spain) FTW!

I've gotten enough sleep, 10 hours to be exact, ready to witness Spain hoist their first World Cup trophy. It is not going to be a walk in the park. Oranje will give them a difficult time for sure no? But Spain's time has come. I can feel it!


Saturday 10 July 2010

It's Raining Men: Uruguay vs. Germany

Germany is leading the number of goals 3 vs. Uruguay's 2. Although anything can happen, there are still a few minutes left to play, still I do believe that Germany will win it. They're going to finish 3rd in 2010 World Cup. Well they've done it before.


Thursday 8 July 2010

Last Night's Fallen Angels

Germany may have lost but their amazing run in the World Cup won’t go unnoticed because being 3rd place in the World Cup (I am sure they will easily demolish Uruguay) is no mean feat.

It may be their 2nd time loss in recent years against La Roja (Spain won Euro Cup 2008 vs. Germany) but the glorious Germans are also as skilled and as hot. I expect this rivalry to continue for more years. I'm fervently hoping for more eye candy matches like last night!


Vamos La Roja!

Spain vs. Germany was an exciting semifinals. For all their phenomenal run in the previous matches (bagging eight goals in their last 2 matches – not to mention burying Argentina), Germany slipped. Truly a very bad timing to do so because the underachievers La Roja (Spain) played so damn well and owned the game (was able to maintain above 50% ball possession all throughout). Spain have advanced to their first ever FIFA World Cup Final. Wohooo!


Sunday 4 July 2010

Kikay At Heart

Staying at home for 3 months, trying my best but all the time failing to be a biddable housewife to my handsome husband, gave me the advantage to learn more about myself. I have realized without any doubt that truly I am kikay at heart.


Tuesday 8 June 2010

Rafa is Back!

I am hooked on tennis again after watching the recently concluded French Open on LIVE TV. (I managed not to mind at all that the commentary was in Arabic.) It was sweet revenge for dear Rafa, who won all sets during the finals against the one who holds the reputation of being the only player who stunned him at Roland Garros. Like all of his fans out there, I jumped on the couch, rejoiced at the proof that his wobbly knees are healed and he seemed emotionally recovered from his parents’ divorce – well at least emotionally okay enough to concentrate on his tennis. Rafa is back in the game!


Sunday 30 May 2010

The Wisdom of Mirror and Throws

It is sale again at IKEA – woohoo! It is by far the biggest IKEA sale I’ve ever experienced. Almost 70 percent of its products are marked down!

During the weekend I forced hubby to stalk IKEA wonderland with me, hunting for considerably marked down items that I imagined would look good in our flat. These are just some of the haul that we got.


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Nasuya Ko

I am envious of my gorgeous friends now meeting in SanFo, flying to Vegas in a few days and then traipsing at Central Park in a few weeks. Shopping ‘til they drop at outlet stores must be part of their itinerary. While I on the other end of the spectrum is stuck here in the land of sandstorms and menos (if you watch Bleach anime, you get what I mean), and spend most days glancing from time to time at the watch, waiting for my handsome husband to get home. Ah the wonderful world of newlywed bliss.


Monday 24 May 2010

Like A Pyramid, Charice Is Definitely At The Top!

Charice’s self-titled album has landed #8 at Billboard 200, just behind Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. Charice is also charted on Digital Albums (#8) and Canadian Albums (#4).


Baby, Baby, Baby Boy

Harley came home one night and announced that Toni and Guy has finally opened a branch here in Kuwait and just a few kilometres from our place. He excitedly added that he could finally have Justin Bieber’s look copied...


Friday 21 May 2010

10 Items You Can Never Go Wrong With

I would like to share this very brilliant article from THE OPRAH MAGAZINE May 2010. I find this very helpful. I'm sure you will too :) Enjoy!


Wednesday 19 May 2010

Loving Charice’s Pyramid

We have been helping a Filipino in integrating a payment gateway to their client’s website, Caboria (or Caporia?). That guy turned out to be the unofficial president of Charice Pempengco’s fans club Kuwait chapter. Why, he pre-ordered 20 copies of her self-titled debut album. Gosh 20!


Tuesday 18 May 2010

Monday is Movie Night

I found something I love about Kuwait – movies on Mondays are 50% discounted! This applies only on movies showing at regular cinema screens – IMAX® and VIP movies are not included.


Sunday 16 May 2010

Conquering the Ironing Board

One time Harley’s colleague asked him, “Harley did you iron your shirt?
Harley looked at his shirt and I bet tried to sound cheery, “Oh yes man. My wife did.
His colleague smiled, “Oh yeah? Maybe you jumped back into bed with the shirt on?


Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Brown Carpet

I dream of having a home lovely home. A haven where after putting in a hard day at work I can jump straight into a comfy couch, hug a plushy pillow and wait for hubby to serve me hot dinner with dessert. Though we have decided that most tasks in our married life should be “unisex-ed”, there are just some things he simply cannot do, like decorate our place...


Thursday 6 May 2010

Believing in Fortune Plants

One night while shopping at IKEA with hubby’s family, mother-in-law suggested I should buy a fortune plant. After glancing at hubby and recognizing his go-ahead I selected one and placed it in our trolley. No big deal, he must have thought. It’s just KD 3.500 anyway (I of course “forgot” to remind him to convert it to our currency). Certainly it would help create a cheerful atmosphere in our super bare flat, I added. Buoyed by hubby’s agreement I began selecting two more indoor potted plants and was on the process of selecting a third when brother-in-law reminded me I was supposed to furnish an apartment, not a garden.


Wednesday 28 April 2010

IKEA Madness

Hubby and I are renting an unfurnished flat here in Kuwait. It is lamentably bare but it has the basics that we need to live comfortably, i.e. hubby had managed to install a sturdy bed before I first set foot on our humble abode.

Though our flat is like a blank canvass that allows my artistic juices to flow wild and free, for now I have to contain it within the dark recesses of my imagination. With only one of us earning at the moment, well, budget is tight. (Sob)


Saturday 17 April 2010

Evening Strolls at the Scientific Center

Our flat is located at Salmiya and one of the perks that we enjoy living in this rather lively area is being near to The Scientific Center of Kuwait, which is located on the waterfront along the Arabian Gulf Road. Hubby and I are aiming to go for an after dinner stroll there every other night. The refreshing walk along the one (1) kilometre provides a great opportunity for us to burn at least a couple of our excess pounds, as well as lets us enjoy a breathtaking view of Kuwait’s evening skyline. And what more, during these strolls hubby and I get to spend some bonding moments – talk about us, our marriage and our plans for the future.


Wednesday 7 April 2010

Filipinos are Everywhere in Kuwait

The Filipinos is a considerable chunk of minorities here in Kuwait. You will see our kababayans literally everywhere. Although with more than 500,000 in population here in Kuwait, the Indian nationals still account for the single largest expatriate community (the State of Kuwait’s current population is estimated at 3 to 3.5 million people only), but you will also find a huge number of Filipinos working in the medical sector (i.e. nurses), IT, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and supermarkets.


Tuesday 30 March 2010

My First Arabian Night

... was spent at the Dubai airport.

I was excited for my first Arabian night having had watched Aladdin in flight. Truly it’s the best prep to the Arab world that I could think of.

Harley booked me an Emirates flight to Kuwait. I had to layover in Dubai for 2 hours. I must say Dubai International airport was designed to impress. It features two Zen gardens in the middle and numerous recognizable pastry and fast food shops.


Tuesday 23 March 2010

1,000 Places Before I Die

A dear friend and an equally passionate traveller gave me an excellent travel guide to me as an advance birthday gift – 1,000 Places To See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz.


Thursday 18 March 2010

Take me around Singapore, Uncle

On March 11 to March 15, I visited Singapore - my first. It's more like a leisure trip really - I didn't prepare some kind of a long checklist of must-see or must-do and then spent all my energy running around ala Amazing Race. My goal was to take it easy, meet some friends and wander around this cute country like a local.


Tuesday 9 March 2010

A Delish Idea for a Friday Gimik: Banchetto

Every 12 midnight Friday until 11AM Saturday (overnight) one side of Ortigas Emerald Avenue is closed off to motorists to make way for a unique, gluttonous experience, that is the Banchetto-Emerald.

Inspired from the Italian word that means "a feast", Banchetto is a Street Food Fiesta. Numerous stalls, that fill the street, offer wide array of food to delight the senses. Whatever you fancy - Filipino, Italian, Japanese or any cuisine - you're sure to find it there.


Handsome Men's Club

My bff forwarded this to me. If by any chance you haven't seen this yet, this is hilarious. Enjoy!


Sunday 7 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland 2010

I always look forward to every Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton collaboration, always expecting it to be weirdly amusing. Their latest film, Alice in Wonderland, is exactly that. We watched it in IMAX 3-D this afternoon and oh it was such a wonderful, magical ride!


Saturday 6 March 2010

Stores Specialists Inc. Offers 0% Interest

I found this gorgeous boot style shoes in Aerosoles that fit me like a glove. Of course, I had to buy it. I handed my Mabuhay Miles HSBC card to the cashier and was surprised when she asked me if I wanted to pay for it in installment for 3 months at 0% interest. Wow, I thought that's only for furnitures or appliances!


Thursday 4 March 2010

Featured in M+K's Blog

Yesterday Mimi tagged me in Facebook for this pleasant surprise; our wedding is now featured in their blog! Yey!

Being lurkers of their blog for quite some time now, of course Harley and I are ecstatic. Thanks M+K! You truly are real and heartfelt photographers.


Saturday 27 February 2010


I just got home after watching the last full show of Miss You Like Crazy at Shangri-La. I am at the moment experiencing an aftershock... kinikilig pa rin ako! Although actually, it’s not a typical kilig or cutie-cutie movie. This one is mature. There is a bed scene - oh okay, a "floor scene" to be exact. And I won’t be surprised if Bea or John Lloyd cried literally a bucket of tears for this.


Friday 26 February 2010

High Street Fashion Spring 2010: Other Collections

Other collections this Spring 2010 aside from the most prominent Denim and Stripes trends
  • Mango Army Green
Khaki becomes one of the key players of the season. Dare to wear slim-fit bleached trousers or the military pattern skirt, accessorise your look with maxi handbags and patform sandals.


Thursday 25 February 2010

High Street Fashion Spring 2010: Denim & Stripes

Denim and Nautical Stripes are the hot fashion trends this season in the high street.

Scarlett Johansson still looks seductive in denim by Mango


Wednesday 24 February 2010

Craving for C2's Crispy Kare-Kare

A friend, who really has high standards when it comes to food because her family owns a famous restaurant in Bicol, recommended C2 Classic Cuisine. So we decided to have a dinner there, four of us, at their branch at Level 6 of Edsa Shangri-La Plaza. And oh gosh it was such a gastronomic treat!


Tuesday 23 February 2010

Our Honeymoon In El Nido

Our honeymoon was extra special, extra unforgettable (yes that’s possible!) because we were blessed to be in one of the most beautiful place in the world - El Nido, Palawan. We booked a 4 days / 3 nights package at the Lagen Island Resort of El Nido Resorts. Though before going there I already had high expectations based from friends’ recommendations, it still blew me away. El Nido Palawan is a paradise on earth, one of the best places to commune with nature. And we should take pride that it's located in our very own country... gosh we are very lucky indeed!


Thursday 18 February 2010

No To The Bouquet Toss

We received a lot of praises regarding our reception program. Many of our guests congratulated us, saying that they were impressed and truly enjoyed it a lot. It was neither too long nor too short. It was just perfect, they said. Again, thanks to our wedding planner. She did a wonderful job in organizing the flow, advising us on what to do and what to avoid, and recommending the best people (emcee, sounds and lights) to make it work. Truly, she is an expert.

Here are some bits I picked up. I hope these tips will help you plan your wedding reception program.


Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of someone banging on our door. When my flatmate informed me that there’s an Island Rose delivery outside for me, I was genuinely surprised. I had thought such sweet gestures would stop when we got married. But apparently my hubby is just inherently romantic. Truly, lucky me :)

I really do hope it would be his last purchase with Island Rose. Not because I am dissatisfied with their merchandise, it is because it would mean that next Valentines I get to finally celebrate it the proper way. With him. Now where the h**l is my visa?!


Saturday 13 February 2010

A Photobooth Is A Sure Winner!

It was a very good call we hired Partypics photobooth during our wedding reception. Since Filipinos just love having their photos taken, it was selling like hotcakes. Oh boy, our guests totally loved it! I could notice them queuing not just once at the Partypics corner. And they treasure the pictures. I even suspect they treasure it more than our official souvenirs because when we visited our relatives’ homes days after the wedding we could see their Partypics photos proudly displayed in the living room. Some friends immediately uploaded and used theirs as Facebook profile photo.


Thursday 11 February 2010

Our Gorgeous Wedding Pictures

Just 4 days after we got engaged I immediately inquired if Mimi and Karl were still available for our wedding. They were not only still available but Hana, their very efficient studio manager, kindly informed me that they were not yet open for 2009 bookings. (Well of course! Our big day was still a year and a half away. Haha!) Hana then assured she would email me when they do.

As soon as I got the email from her that they were now accepting 2009 bookings, I immediately wired the money for the reservation fee. I remember being so ecstatic when I received the confirmation that yes, we booked them.


Saturday 30 January 2010

Our Midsummer Night's Dream Themed Reception

Though I had every confidence that Ms. Pinky Chang's team of Pink Flora and our very dear wedding planner Ms. Cielo Villegas of Blushing Bride would effectively pull off our desired Midsummer Night's Dream themed reception, still the moment I walked into the Shangri-La Marquee I was totally blown away. Our reception was magical, enchanting, surreal... like walking into a  very wonderful dream.

And the beautiful and very tasty cake created by Ms. Marissa Unchuan was the perfect complement.


Wednesday 27 January 2010

My Wedding Dress + the Shoes + My Groom's Suit + Our Entourage

I told Jun Escario I just wanted an elegant lace wedding gown with a silhouette that would add inches and would not overwhelm my petite form. I love what he created for me.


Sunday 24 January 2010

Our First Dance

It was literally our first dance because we never went dancing before. Being in a long distance relationship, having only the chance to meet twice a year, it had never crossed our minds to go dancing. Besides, though I love him so much I don’t want to lie and say he’s a brilliant dancer...

Okay I am not much of a dancer too.

But there’s no escaping it. As customary in weddings, we had to dance our first dance as husband and wife. We ruled out dancing waltz as I wouldn’t want to bore our guests (and me) to tears. Or Swing, as I am awfully clumsy in anything ballroom. So we opted to copy the style of some first dances we saw in YouTube. A mix of slow dance first and then the music would suddenly change into a jolly or "dancy" tune.


Sunday 17 January 2010

Married at Last!

Yes I am finally a missus :)

And not only did our December 28, 2009 wedding went by without any glitch, it was everything I had hoped it would be. From the church ceremony to the reception, everything was magical.

They say that to a bride's point of view her wedding day is usually one big blur as so many things happening seemingly all at once. But mine was not one big blur. Not at all. Believe me, I remember every minute, every second of it. I was able to soak it all up. A gorgeous friend of mine even commented that I must be the most relaxed bride she has ever seen. True. Not because I am good at suppressing my nerves but because from the moment I woke up that day I was already confident everything would fall into place. Our big day would be perfect. We were in good hands. We had an excellent wedding planner (Ms. Cielo Villegas of Blushing Bride). And true enough, she delivered... more than 100% even! I enjoyed our big day so much that I was sad it had to end.


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