Saturday 10 July 2010

It's Raining Men: Uruguay vs. Germany

Germany is leading the number of goals 3 vs. Uruguay's 2. Although anything can happen, there are still a few minutes left to play, still I do believe that Germany will win it. They're going to finish 3rd in 2010 World Cup. Well they've done it before.

Thomas Muller scored the first goal. This young man (only 20 years of age) is making himself known in this world stage. He scored a total of 4 goals, which is really impressive.

It could have been an interesting match with Spain if this guy was allowed to play (he was suspended because of earning two yellow cards in their previous match against Argentina). That suspension proved to be costly for Germany for sure.

It's raining hard in Port Elizabeth but the game is still on. This is amazing, rain or shine the game must should go on pala. Sorry if this must be a common football knowledge, but hey, I'm new to this.

I hope it will also rain during the Spain vs. Netherlands final. It's kinda cute to watch dripping wet football players, their jerseys clinging to their ripped bodies...

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