Thursday 8 July 2010

Last Night's Fallen Angels

Germany may have lost but their amazing run in the World Cup won’t go unnoticed because being 3rd place in the World Cup (I am sure they will easily demolish Uruguay) is no mean feat.

It may be their 2nd time loss in recent years against La Roja (Spain won Euro Cup 2008 vs. Germany) but the glorious Germans are also as skilled and as hot. I expect this rivalry to continue for more years. I'm fervently hoping for more eye candy matches like last night!

Football is truly a unifying sport. It's the only sports both men and women, yeah even the non sporty ones, would watch together. Bless the person who thought of adding the unspoken rule that hotness is a requirement to become a football player.

Here are last night’s fallen angels:

Arne Friedrich - position: Defender

Lukas Podolski - position: Forward

Mario Gomez - position: Forward

Philipp Lahm - the team's captain, position: Defender

Lahm must be devastated for their dream of being World Cup 2010's champion has been permanently taken away. Well, he can always cry on my shoulders...

As if the Germany national football team's hotness level isn't enough, they hired a Mr. Big lookalike for a coach!

Joachim Loew - Coach

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