Tuesday 18 May 2010

Monday is Movie Night

I found something I love about Kuwait – movies on Mondays are 50% discounted! This applies only on movies showing at regular cinema screens – IMAX® and VIP movies are not included.

Ticket Prices
  • Regular movie tickets are priced at KD 3.000 each or approx. 450 Php (on Mondays it’s KD 1.500 KD or 225 Php)
  • IMAX® movie: KD 3.500 or 525 Php
  • VIP movie: KD 6.000 or 900 Php
Cinescape Theatres

Kuwait National Cinema Company (Cinescape) is the main exhibitor of movies (not only Arabic but also English and Indian) in the country. There is Cinescape theatre in every major mall, including those we frequently visit, 360° Mall and The Avenues.

A modern, sleek black look to Cinescape theatres in 360° Mall and The Avenues.

A VIP cinema features only 32 seats, all La-Z-Boy recliners.
Indeed an intimate and comfortable movie experience at a hefty price tag of KD 6.000 (900 Php).

Most snack bar staffs are Filipinos. They usually indulge us with extra nachos and popcorn when their manager is not around :)

Online Bookings

Go to http://webserver2.kncc.com/

Censorship and Subtitles

Here the movies have Arabic subtitle and sometimes an additional French subtitle making it two lines of large subtitles. Being a subtitle kind of gal (I am kinda bingi kasi lagi may tumatawag sa akin na, gwapa gwapa... Mwehehehe!) my eyes involuntarily dart a lot of times during the movie to the subtitles, which is very annoying because I couldn't understand them. Well in time, I will get used to it.

Movies are almost always censored here in Kuwait – even Princess and the Frog. Bed scenes, kissing scenes, almost nude and definitely nude scenes are chopped off. If the film suddenly jumps from one scene to a scene where the actors are now buttoning their suddenly unbuttoned shirts, you can surmise – oh something happened.

Ministry of Information (MOI) regulates all media and information in Kuwait, hence it is responsible for cinema censorship. A lot of cool movies have been banned for reasons like extreme violence, major plot is contradictory to the teachings of Islam (i.e. multiple Gods plot element of Clash of the Titans) or condoning immorality (okay Sex and the City 2 for the obvious reason, but The Back-up Plan because JLo’s character gets knocked up out of wedlock? Seriously?).

I was hoping to watch these movies (Sob). Have to remind myself that there’s no income tax here.

Well with Erap in 2nd lead at the presidential elections and, actors-politicians and trapos making a comeback in Senate, a banned movie or badly censored one at 50% discount is not a good enough reason to leave Kuwait and go back to our beloved country.

P.S. I am planning to pester hubby to buy Iron Man 2 blu-ray DVD when it comes out just to see Pepper Potts and Tony Stark kiss.

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