Sunday 25 July 2010

Life is indeed not fair!

I chanced upon this blog while googling for before and after nose job pictures of currently the biggest teen star of Philippine showbiz. After I finished a quick skim, I just couldn’t believe what I read. So I had to scroll back up again and scrutinize each picture the blogger posted.

OMG! I did not misread it the first time after all. The blogger and her friends are truly Prada wearing, jet setting and as well as enviably pretty Cebuana teeners...


Monday 12 July 2010

Congratulations Spain!

Gosh I love it when I am right. I can certainly give Paul the Octopus a run for his money.


Sunday 11 July 2010

La Roja (Spain) FTW!

I've gotten enough sleep, 10 hours to be exact, ready to witness Spain hoist their first World Cup trophy. It is not going to be a walk in the park. Oranje will give them a difficult time for sure no? But Spain's time has come. I can feel it!


Saturday 10 July 2010

It's Raining Men: Uruguay vs. Germany

Germany is leading the number of goals 3 vs. Uruguay's 2. Although anything can happen, there are still a few minutes left to play, still I do believe that Germany will win it. They're going to finish 3rd in 2010 World Cup. Well they've done it before.


Thursday 8 July 2010

Last Night's Fallen Angels

Germany may have lost but their amazing run in the World Cup won’t go unnoticed because being 3rd place in the World Cup (I am sure they will easily demolish Uruguay) is no mean feat.

It may be their 2nd time loss in recent years against La Roja (Spain won Euro Cup 2008 vs. Germany) but the glorious Germans are also as skilled and as hot. I expect this rivalry to continue for more years. I'm fervently hoping for more eye candy matches like last night!


Vamos La Roja!

Spain vs. Germany was an exciting semifinals. For all their phenomenal run in the previous matches (bagging eight goals in their last 2 matches – not to mention burying Argentina), Germany slipped. Truly a very bad timing to do so because the underachievers La Roja (Spain) played so damn well and owned the game (was able to maintain above 50% ball possession all throughout). Spain have advanced to their first ever FIFA World Cup Final. Wohooo!


Sunday 4 July 2010

Kikay At Heart

Staying at home for 3 months, trying my best but all the time failing to be a biddable housewife to my handsome husband, gave me the advantage to learn more about myself. I have realized without any doubt that truly I am kikay at heart.