Monday 12 September 2011

Jologs Moment: Kapamilya Live 2011 in Kuwait

I allow my ka-jologan to escape when I'm abroad.

Well why not? If I am willing to spend here times 3 more than it costs in the Philippines for a movie ticket, notwithstanding scenes containing kissing or foul language are chopped off (that's roughly15-20% of the most movies), why should I hesitate to support our Filipino artists for more or less the same cost? Furthermore I appreciate the gesture of our sikat (famous) stars travelling miles away from 3 stars and a sun, braving to show up in some obscure venue to personally entertain hard working, homesick OFWs like me. 


Tuesday 6 September 2011

Date Night

Tonight is our date night.

Sometime end of last year I demanded to Harley that he must date me at least once a week. I reasoned that he owe it to me since he was able to escape the obligation of taking me to dates for 3 years, before we got married. Of course it does not matter that we were on long distance relationship then...


Saturday 3 September 2011

Dream Vacation

My parents always say it's never wrong to dream. What is wrong is to limit myself by being scared to dream big dreams.

When I was young as I devoured a novels upon novels of romance set in English regency period I used to vow to myself that I would someday set foot on England I did not know then how that could happen. How a skinny, brown-skinned girl who grew up in squatters area could possibly travel to England - fly out of the Philippines even. But you know what, it did happen. And God is amazingly good because I was able to go to England for free and live there for 2 years! (I was sent there by my then company as a software developer for British government projects).