Tuesday 30 March 2010

My First Arabian Night

... was spent at the Dubai airport.

I was excited for my first Arabian night having had watched Aladdin in flight. Truly it’s the best prep to the Arab world that I could think of.

Harley booked me an Emirates flight to Kuwait. I had to layover in Dubai for 2 hours. I must say Dubai International airport was designed to impress. It features two Zen gardens in the middle and numerous recognizable pastry and fast food shops.

One of the Zen garden in Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 - an Oasis of calm

These two cafes were two of my favourites in the UK. I am liking the Arab world more...

I rather have a complain though. Customer service is appalling. There was one attendant who turned blind eye in helping you me lift my carryon baggage on the conveyor belt for security scan. When I approached the information counter to ask for directions, he answered alright with nary a smile. Oh well, maybe because it was midnight and everyone in the airport was a bit grumpy over lack of sleep.

But the Emirates Business Class Lounge did live up to my expectations. The interior design was very relaxing. I enjoyed the unlimited wine and other beverages that were offered.

Harley was green with envy when I showed him that you can do this (above) at the Emirates Business Class Lounge.


aneshka said...

ka spoiled na wife..business class pa!

lgeorgia said...

mao wala ko ka eek pag-abot nako diri iya dayon ko gipalaba sa iyang brip... grrr

deveykus said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying Dubai. Take care and keep in touch!

montreal florist said...

I like that kinds of draving game in Business Class Lounge. Dubai is really gorgeours city.

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