Sunday 20 April 2014

My Travel Planning Tools

My thoughts are occupied with our upcoming vacation end of next month. I am the travel/vacation planner in the family. It is something I enjoy doing and my husband tells me I am very good at it. Hmmm perhaps he is just relieved to offload this duty to me.

But truly I think I am actually good at it. Thus I would like to share the tools I use whenever I have to plan our vacation.


Saturday 19 April 2014

Babalik Din Ako (I Shall Return?)

A friend of mine who is working here in the Middle East attended the Wealth Summit 2014 in February. Wealth Summit is an annual event hosted by Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club where individuals who aspire to be truly rich gather and are given the chance to listen to famous speakers experts in their fields (eg. business, real estate and stock investing). My friend aside from coming out of the summit empowered, he was melancholic. He took his flight back abroad heavy hearted. Why? Because he met a lot young professionals (in their mid-20s) in the summit who became successful though they are staying in the country. My friend began to doubt and question if working abroad, being far from his family, is still the right choice.