Sunday 4 July 2010

Kikay At Heart

Staying at home for 3 months, trying my best but all the time failing to be a biddable housewife to my handsome husband, gave me the advantage to learn more about myself. I have realized without any doubt that truly I am kikay at heart.

When I was working it was expected to take care of myself. I enjoyed thinking each night what to wear the next day and did not have qualms being late to work as long as I had enough "me time" that morning. I just hope my prospective employer is not reading this…

During those 3 months of waiting for hubby to get home from work, it’s so easy to slack off. But I discovered that I am not comfortable if I missed my nightly ritual. I don’t like it if I am not satisfactorily dressed up to my standards when we go out. It’s not, well, me. The thing is I don’t wanna be losyang. It is more of a personal desire than for hubby's satisfaction. So I still make sure that nothing from my beauty arsenal runs out and since Kuwait’s weather has the tendency to dry out the skin, I make it a point to regularly moisturize.

My favourite moisturizer at the moment is Kose Sekkisei. It has evened out my complexion. Thanks to my gorgeous friend in Japan for recommending this.
Naka-Kose ako kahit nagva-vacuum lang! Ang arte talaga, diba?

The Hynose Drama mascara by Lancome is a blessing to those not gifted with long, lush lashes - well, like me.

Here's a blog on how to fake long lashes with Lancome Hynose Drama mascara. I haven't been able to perfect this, maybe that's really impossible with the pathetically short lashes I've got to work with, but you may have better luck following the instructions.

I had to fly back to Manila last Sunday. It’s a long story why and very exhausting as well. (My flight got diverted to Clark due to terrible weather and NAIA’s lame facilities that always break down. Where does all the money go from the airport tax we have to pay every time we fly? Beats me.) In summary I’m here in Manila to process some papers for my visa. But instead of finding out where the Kuwait embassy is located, I booked first an appointment with Tita Fely of Piandre Greenbelt... Yep maarte talaga! But hey, that’s me.

P.S. I always turn to Tita Fely for every hair emergency. Tita Fely hovers like a mother hen, always checking that everything's alright. I don't feel at all na pinepera-han nya ako - unlike other stylists na walang ginawa but suggest ng suggest ng mamahalin na treatment. I am always satisfied with her service and the results. She is the best! If only I can see her at least every 3 months. Sigh.

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