Thursday 18 November 2010

Road Trip to Wafra

This morning I told Harley that we were going on a road trip to Wafra. He immediately nodded because perhaps he did not at first believe I was serious, or maybe just to shut me up. But when he realized that I was indeed not kidding he gently reminded me more than 3 times that we, or more accurately he had to drive about 200 km just to get us there, and there may be nothing worth to see there. Well I wouldn’t budge. He had to agree given the argument that here in Kuwait full tank of fuel only costs 3 KD (only Php 450!), which is of course so cheap compared to the price of fuel outside Middle East, we should grab the opportunity to explore the country while we are here.

Why Wafra? There are lots of farms there. I was hoping maybe we could buy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from one of the farms. Plus the chance to see lots of greeneries in one area was really something that I was looking forward to. Since living here in a desert I really missed seeing lots of green, trees for that matter.

Also Wafra is near to the border of Saudi. The thought of getting near that interesting country was a little bit exciting for me.

From Salmiya we took road 30 and then road 306 to Wafra. It took us about 2 hours, and for the most part the only sight to see was uninterrupted desert made the trip seem longer, to reach Wafra.

Though I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t able to go inside any of the farms as most of them are private and gated, I was elated to see camels! It was my first sighting of camels since I came to Kuwait.

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elpi said...

wonderful trip. .I am glad you enjoyed it. I want to visit that place also to see camels lol soon