Thursday 26 April 2007

Si Wolf - the final chapter

We finally received our security deposit. But I'm not doing a jiggy here out of jubilation. Instead I'm fuming here due to irritation. (Oh diba nag-rhyme... hehe). Ask me, come on ask me how much we got back, how much that Wolf returned. From the 26k she deducted 9,931.11! Below are the expenses that she claimed we should pay:

449.75 ---> toilet fixture
139.75 ---> bulbs
600.00 ---> plumber fee
3000.00 ---> general cleaning
500.00 ---> aircon cleaning
450.00 ---> alignment of cabinets
2500.00 ---> window panel (replacement of 2 windows)
1124.61 ---> Water bill
1267.00 ---> Transportation

Okay lang yung she had the toilet fixed or the bulbs replaced. We can even bitterly accept the aircon cleaning knowing that it's her responsibility to maintain her unit, not ours. But 3k for general cleaning?! And why do we have to pay for that damn window panels?!? And what the hell is this transportation charge?!? I have this suspicion that she's just looking for reasons to deduct at least 10k. I admit, she's really creative.

I told her that we don't have to pay for the windows because those were already defective even before we rented the place. Di talaga sya sumasara. She argued that it's our fault why we didn't report that, so she has the right to charge us for the repair. I then asked about what the transportation charge means. She reasoned it's for the transportation expenses of her secretary who had to commute from ParaƱaque to see me or to oversee the unit while being cleaned and repaired. Napareact ako na, heller? 1k?! Bakit naman ganun kamahal? Sabi nya maraming beses daw nakipagkita secretary nya sa akin... grabe kasalanan ko pa! The best ka talaga Wolf! Wala akong masabi. Speechless. :-|

I just met up with the secretary to get what's left of OUR MONEY. When she gave me the check she timidly told me that we should count ourselves lucky that Wolf returned some amount. So it must be her practice not to return her tenant's security deposit?

Okay we can contest this. Ask a lawyer and sue her. But nah, that will be too much of a hassle. And besides, I don't want to deal with her ever again. I hope our paths will never cross again. Hate ko talaga sya! Ah bahala sya. There's such thing as karma anyway. But somehow I pity her because her greed for money will soon consume her and in the end she'll lose track of the things that are really important in life. If that's already happening to her, no surprise there.

Lessons learned out of this experience? Before you rent a place, document in writing or better, snap some pictures of that unit. Scrutinize the contract and make sure you understand every detail before you agree to affix your precioussssss signature. Then, ask a notarized copy of the contract. Ask receipts for every amount you gave - security deposit, advance payments etc. It's better to be extra careful than sorry so you'll be prepared if you'll find out that your unit owner is another Wolf (or the Wolf herself). Oh well, I'm just relieved that finally I don't have to contact her again. So relieved I smiled when I deleted her number from my phone contacts.

Friday 20 April 2007

Thank you PMG and others!

My PMG and others friends surprised me with a treat a while ago. They prepared a simple handaan of baked macaroni and ice cream, and a Starbucks collectible as a present.

Though it's a tradition here in Rendition for us to plan and pool money to give a surprise treat to a birthday celebrant, I was still surprised kanina. I didn't expect it because I wasn't here on my birthday last week, I thought that they would just forgo it. And also they're already 9 days late! But the PMG and others is truly a thoughtful, sweet bunch. Better late than never. They never hesitate to touch other people's lives (naks!) Thank you guys :) I truly appreciate the effort. I love the gift!

Starbucks Bearista. It looks more like a bunny than a bear though. I love it, so cute :)

Another collection on top of my CPU - truly a desk of a Java developer, right?


Tuesday 17 April 2007

Beautiful Bohol

Last week, Pangga decided to treat my family to a vacation at Bohol. From Cebu, we availed the Oceanjet 'libre-balik' promo, the round-trip tickets just cost 500 (one-way ticket is usually around 300+).


Monday 16 April 2007

Rapunzel no more

Yesterday, Harley spent most of the day cajoling, begging me to have my hair cut. He countlessly complained how my hair always get in the way when he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. Whoa, cut my precious locks??? My reaction ranged from "Okay ka lang? Wa ka nabuang? Gusto mo yata ng sapak?!?" to simply pretending not to hear him. When he suggested that he'd pay for it, I realized how desperate he was. Kawawa naman. Sige na nga pagbigyan, I can just regrow my hair when he goes back to the desert.

Here's my first pic with my new coif - with Rovin and his lovely wife.

Someone told me I now like my yahoo avatar.

But I feel like I look more like this... a poodle.


Wednesday 4 April 2007

Mrs. Wolf Part 2

Just a few minutes ago I received additional these text messages from the big bad Wolf...

3 of you had lived in unit; maximum no of tenants to live is 2 persons. Its a violation and that had caused over usage of unit.

Guard Reported that a third tenant comes in and out irregularly within your tenancy period. Not only once but coming as third tenant. I will not deposit anything today. Will investigate further.

She's just looking for a loophole, an excuse not to give us our 26k security deposit. Arrrghhh! Grabe, swapang! Arrrghhhh! Does anyone know a lawyer who can help us if this comes to worst? Or mangkukulam na lang kaya....

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Mrs. Wolf

Mrs. Wolf (not her real name, though it sounds like that) is the worst landlady/unit owner I ever dealt with. She owns the Asian Mansion unit that Ria, Sue and I rented. We haven't met her yet in person, not even once. During the contract signing we just met with Anna, her secretary. If we had concerns I would just text Anna or Irene, her other secretary. Maybe she thinks we're not worthy to grace us with her presence :|

Last year when our 1 year lease contract neared its end, I received a text from Anna that Mrs. Wolf expected a 10% increase in rent if we're going to extend the lease contract. We panicked, we're caught unprepared because when we advised her a month before that we're planning to extend the lease, we received no warning or whatsoever of an increase. So I called her up, hoping na madadaan ko sya sa charm...

Me: Ma'am pwede po ba 13k pa rin, walang increase kasi wala naman kayong naging problema sa amin e.

Mrs. Wolf: No, I want that increase.

Me: 10% po talaga? Pwede tawad, kahit 5% lang?

Mrs. Wolf: No, I demand the 10% increase.

Shocks, na-tameme ang beauty ko 'te! Yeah, my charm didn't work (sa mga boys lang yata to effective eh, hahaha :p) So we grudgingly agreed because we had no time to look for another condo then. We just negotiated for a 6 months extension, instead of another year, because 14300 a month was simply too much for our budget.

The 6 months lease extension ended last month, so now I'm chasing her to get back our security deposit. After faxing her the receipt of payment for the last month's Meralco bill this morning, I texted her.

Me: Hi, gud AM po. Na fax ko na po yung meralco bill, kindly check. Paid na po yun. Tnx. When can we get our security deposit?

Mrs. Wolf: Will advisE u tom am. Walls I was told by irene verybdirty needs repaint

Huwat!?! Repaint??? She wants us to pay for that??? After renting that place for 1 & 1/2 year she expects it still look brand new? Okay lang sya? Wa sya kuyapi? So nag text ako ng...

Ma'am I don't think we have to pay 4 d repainting of ur unit coz we didn't deliberately write on d walls or something. If it's dirty, it's bec. luma na sya. It's unfair that u'll charge us d repainting when it's ur responsibility as unit owner 2 maintain it. We didn't even demand repainting/improvement of d unit whn we agreed w/ d 10% increase last year. Hope u understand my point.

Until now she hasn't replied. I bet she's angry - mataray na ako kung mataray, pero heller noh! Umaabuso na sya e. But sigh, she still has our security deposit. Baka pahirapan nya kami dun... Huhuhuhuhu :(

Monday 2 April 2007

Saturday is Kopi Roti day

"Saturday is Kopi Roti day" has been Ria's gtalk status and like her, I have been looking forward to Saturdays because of Kopi Roti. For the past 3 weeks we, in groups of 5 or more, would hire a cab and head to MOA (Mall of Asia) just to grab a piece of Kopi bun (masarap sya isawsaw sa kape) or a slice of their Roti French toast that I usually spread generously with kaya jam. Their coffee is also superb - if you're sick and tired of Starbucks like me (hehe mahal kasi) or you just want a different twist in your coffee, you won't be disappointed with Kopi Roti.

It was Claire who introduced this to me. She got curious about Kopi Roti when she read about it in Dessert Comes First (, so she dragged me to MOA to check it out. True enough, it's very delicious - addicting nga eh. Fortunately it's very affordable, a set of Kopi bun + coffee just costs 75php. Try it! You won't regret it, promise! (see the pic below, enjoy na enjoy si Ria sa Kopi Roti, hehehehe)