Sunday 30 May 2010

The Wisdom of Mirror and Throws

It is sale again at IKEA – woohoo! It is by far the biggest IKEA sale I’ve ever experienced. Almost 70 percent of its products are marked down!

During the weekend I forced hubby to stalk IKEA wonderland with me, hunting for considerably marked down items that I imagined would look good in our flat. These are just some of the haul that we got.


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Nasuya Ko

I am envious of my gorgeous friends now meeting in SanFo, flying to Vegas in a few days and then traipsing at Central Park in a few weeks. Shopping ‘til they drop at outlet stores must be part of their itinerary. While I on the other end of the spectrum is stuck here in the land of sandstorms and menos (if you watch Bleach anime, you get what I mean), and spend most days glancing from time to time at the watch, waiting for my handsome husband to get home. Ah the wonderful world of newlywed bliss.


Monday 24 May 2010

Like A Pyramid, Charice Is Definitely At The Top!

Charice’s self-titled album has landed #8 at Billboard 200, just behind Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. Charice is also charted on Digital Albums (#8) and Canadian Albums (#4).


Baby, Baby, Baby Boy

Harley came home one night and announced that Toni and Guy has finally opened a branch here in Kuwait and just a few kilometres from our place. He excitedly added that he could finally have Justin Bieber’s look copied...


Friday 21 May 2010

10 Items You Can Never Go Wrong With

I would like to share this very brilliant article from THE OPRAH MAGAZINE May 2010. I find this very helpful. I'm sure you will too :) Enjoy!


Wednesday 19 May 2010

Loving Charice’s Pyramid

We have been helping a Filipino in integrating a payment gateway to their client’s website, Caboria (or Caporia?). That guy turned out to be the unofficial president of Charice Pempengco’s fans club Kuwait chapter. Why, he pre-ordered 20 copies of her self-titled debut album. Gosh 20!


Tuesday 18 May 2010

Monday is Movie Night

I found something I love about Kuwait – movies on Mondays are 50% discounted! This applies only on movies showing at regular cinema screens – IMAX® and VIP movies are not included.


Sunday 16 May 2010

Conquering the Ironing Board

One time Harley’s colleague asked him, “Harley did you iron your shirt?
Harley looked at his shirt and I bet tried to sound cheery, “Oh yes man. My wife did.
His colleague smiled, “Oh yeah? Maybe you jumped back into bed with the shirt on?


Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Brown Carpet

I dream of having a home lovely home. A haven where after putting in a hard day at work I can jump straight into a comfy couch, hug a plushy pillow and wait for hubby to serve me hot dinner with dessert. Though we have decided that most tasks in our married life should be “unisex-ed”, there are just some things he simply cannot do, like decorate our place...


Thursday 6 May 2010

Believing in Fortune Plants

One night while shopping at IKEA with hubby’s family, mother-in-law suggested I should buy a fortune plant. After glancing at hubby and recognizing his go-ahead I selected one and placed it in our trolley. No big deal, he must have thought. It’s just KD 3.500 anyway (I of course “forgot” to remind him to convert it to our currency). Certainly it would help create a cheerful atmosphere in our super bare flat, I added. Buoyed by hubby’s agreement I began selecting two more indoor potted plants and was on the process of selecting a third when brother-in-law reminded me I was supposed to furnish an apartment, not a garden.


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