Friday 20 March 2009

Wedding AVP Songs (2nd List)

My friends suggested these following songs. You might like one of these for your Wedding AVP. Enjoy (^-^)

And more suggestions please...

  • I Do (Jewel)

  • Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)

  • There are also other versions of this song by Carrie Underwood and Selah.

  • Lucky (Jason Mraz)


Monday 16 March 2009

Point and Shoot: Weekend 14-15 March '09

A brother's love. (Staines, Middlesex)

I miss my girlfriends. (Staines, Middlesex)

A fallen grocery cart. (Station Path, Staines, Middlesex)

On their way to Twickenham Stadium to watch the England vs. France rugby match.
The English triumphed over le French. (Twickenham Station)

Surfboarders and Rollerbladers' nook (Thames Path - Embankment)

Book sale under Waterloo bridge. Don't know if this occurs every weekend.
(The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

What? No sandcastles? I still prefer a sandcastle over a giant sandbeetle - or is it a sandcockroach?
(The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

Blackfriars bridge, with St. Paul's Cathedral behind, on a glorious day.
(taken from The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

I must agree with these kids that indeed rolling down the path is a faster way to enter Tate Modern. (Tate Modern - London)

Contemporary art by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster sponsored by Unilever.
Hmmm just rows and rows of bunk beds, a huge flat screen, a giant apple and a giant spider.
(Tate Modern - London)

At least these beds have practical uses. (Tate Modern - London)

Back of a huge flat screen (Tate Modern - London)

Oh, hello there! Sorry kid, I don't have a Kleenex. (Tate Modern - London)

Need a part time job? Be a Velotaxi (pedicab) driver on weekends. You only have to wear that interesting hat on St. Patrick's Day. (Trafalgar Square)

Proudly Irish.
Celebrating the feast of one of Ireland's patron saint St. Patrick. (Trafalgar Square)

A vintage car, also in St. Patrick's Day spirit. (near Trafalgar Square)


Wedding AVP Songs (1st List)

For now these are the songs that's on our list. Tell us which one you like :)

1. Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)

I am an addict of Dancing on Ice and when Ray Quinn danced (uhm very well, skated) to this song, I was entranced.

I am rooting for Ray to win DOI. What a talented young chap he really is! He cannot only sing brilliantly (he came second to Leona Lewis in X Factor), he can skate very gracefully as well - like a pro! I truly hope he wins.

This is the full length version of Use Somebody. We want to use this song but isn't it too alternative? We may like it now but what if 50 years from now, when Harley and I gray-haired (blonde for me) and toothless watch our wedding AVP (over and over again), will we still find the song cool? Or will we hate it, finding it too alternative or noisy?

2. Til Kingdom Come (Coldplay)

I absolutely adore this song. I don't know why but it evokes a certain emotion from me. But Harley says it's just OK. Ergo, he doesn't like it. Sigh.

3. You and Me (Lifehouse)

Now this song really makes me sigh. Harley says this is our theme song (though I can't remember however when and how it started to become our song). I love Jason Wade's voice and I can imagine myself still going gooey inside listening to him 50 years from now. Our problem with it is that it's a bit slow for AVP. Hmmm, what do you think?


Tuesday 10 March 2009

Curtis Nemetz Wedding Videos

Aside from Threelogy and of course the great Jason Magbanua, I also follow this blog for wedding video inspirations - Curtis Nemetz Productions (sample video below). Most videos are refreshing, fun, and though not the usual tear jerker style, but still touching. I visit this site on the lookout of songs (mostly contemporary) they are using in the videos because until now Harley and I haven't yet chosen THE song to use for our onsite AVP. Any suggestions? :)

Sean and Jenny's Highlights Video from curtis nemetz on Vimeo.


Thursday 5 March 2009

iWant! MAC Hello Kitty

Received this in my inbox today. iWant! I am not really into makeup but I adore the packaging of this MAC Hello Kitty Collection. Maybe I will just buy an accessory or two.. Hmmm...


Tuesday 3 March 2009


I have a friend here. He always feeds me chocolates. (He treats me like a kid. He sometimes would bring her daughter's DVDs like HS Musical / Bring It On for me to borrow. I hope that only means I still look young =p). Yesterday I told him to stop. I wailed that I truly have to diet and he is not helping me. I reasoned I want to fit beautifully into my wedding gown! He smiled and just said, of course. I should have realized there's something more to that twinkle in his eyes.

Because when I arrived in our office I was shocked to find these (pardon the low-tech phone) waiting for me on my desk! It's a pleasant surprise of course and I am grateful of such literally sweet gesture, but I also want to strangle him at the same time. He's really cheeky!

Now I have too many temptations to resist - help! Last week Harley gifted me a box of Thornton's chocolates. Gosh it's so delicious that it's killing me. It's haunting me every night! "Georgia... georgia... ", I swear I could hear those sinful midgets nestled in that box teasing, beckoning, seducing me to give in, to just have a bite or two.

Last night I succeeded in resisting the temptation, which required every ounce of my self-restraint. (Don't ask me if I had been as successful the other night and the night before that.) But the moment I woke up this morning, I scrambled from my bed, rushed off to the ref and ahhhhhh unceremoniously stuffed my mouth with 2 truffles, though tiny but of course packed with lots of unhealthy calories. Conjuring images of my dream wedding dress in my mind is not effective anymore :( Yes I failed in my original plan to consume no less than 5 of these little monsters. I'm weak. Sigh. If only I can buy doses of self-control somewhere. But I'd rather splurge on "super fast metabolism" if that's also on sale!

The cheeky friend.


Monday 2 March 2009

V. Posh

Posh (Victoria Beckham), along with her husband David, is a British royalty, a fashion icon. Her popularity has not waned even after moving to L.A. Writeups about her - right now it's about her latest weight issue that she's too skinny - still feature on the front pages of newspapers, covers of tabloids and magazines in every supermarket and WHSmith shop everywhere.

Last year when Harley and I went to Harrod's we noticed a lot of people milling around a certain car. I got curious because they were taking pictures of it or with it. I dragged Harley to get closer. Lo and behold it was Posh's car! So we joined the vigil of waiting for her to emerge from the equally posh store. A pretty girl beside me, clutching a Prada with one hand and her boyfriend with the other, announced, "Oh I just want to see how skinny she is in person!”

After waiting for almost like half an hour, a woman got out from Harrod's carrying lots of shopping bags, immediately jumped into the car and it sped away. We were very disappointed because she wasn't Posh at all – maybe her P.A. just taking care of some errands.

But at least I got a picture of the car...

It's odd that I haven't seen her smile in any published picture of her. She always has that distant, untouchable expression and pose. But I saw this video by Fashion File and it is hilarious that she made fun of that. She looked at her picture and shouted, "Oh she's the happiest soul. She really is. Smile b***h!"

British accent is truly adorable, don't you agree?

Hmmm I really should start posting about weddings and stuffs and get serious with researching inspirations because it's already March. How time flies!