Wednesday 30 March 2011

Root Canal Again

I decided to book an appointment at one of the Maidan Group clinics here in Kuwait. I was thinking of getting a filling procedure done for one tooth. Well I wasn’t experiencing any pain whatsoever. I was just excited to avail my dental insurance, curious how significant the discount would be (LOL).


Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Return of the Comeback

I thought I got rid of it.

It disappeared when I was in the land of “cheers!” & lorries. It did not even manage to gather strength for a comeback when I returned to the land of sultry weather peppered with smog coming from the longest parking lot in the world (EDSA). When I was young it used to haunt me every day. It woke me up every single night. Then when I turned 25 the attacks got less and less frequent until it disappeared altogether. It was dormant for years, plus also I believe the regular romp between the sheets helped in keeping it at bay, I really thought it was gone for good.


Saturday 26 March 2011

Tsunami of Sand in Kuwait

On March 25 Friday evening, I informed my husband that I was ready to go (for a grocery shopping) when we suddenly heard a bang on our glass window. Then from a perfectly lovely day it suddenly turned dark, all we could hear was some whooshing sound from the outside. Sandstorm, we immediately concluded. But we soon realized it was not an ordinary sandstorm as the whooshing sounds got louder and more forceful. It was really pitch black outside. We couldn’t even make out the lights from the nearby apartment buildings. We were lucky that though the dust managed to seep into our apartment we were still inside, which was definitely safer. It would be truly unfortunate if you're caught in the middle of it.


Sunday 20 March 2011

People first. Pets second. Things last.

I woke up yesterday with a sense of anticipation knowing that the 4-door wardrobe (bought on sale from Banta... see I do have frugal bone in my body) would be delivered at 10am. I literally had to shake my hubby awake as we had to get ready for it. I was excited, no kidding. I was actually up to the task of rearranging our bedroom and reorganizing our stuffs.


Friday 18 March 2011

Ichiko Nails & Day Spa: A Piece of Heaven for Kikays in Davao

I have always been a fond of Japanese beauty products. Whenever I had the chance to visit the interesting country, I made sure to experiment the trends and I was never disappointed with the results. For years now my daily moisturizer is Kose (a known Japanese brand) and I have always received compliments of how young looking my skin is.