Thursday 20 September 2007

New Beginnings

A lovely beginning just happened to Maila. I am very happy to announce that she has given her matamis na OO to her Japanese collegue/manliligaw. When Goto-san popped the question, she noticed he was shaking with fear. Siguro takot masapak ni Maila, hahaha! If that's the case, I applaud him for having the guts to say his loving feeling. From the picture Maila sent me, he seems like a nice guy (which Maila also confirmed that he sure is very nice) and he's gwapo for a Japanese. A good catch, really - way to go Mai! Truly love will find you when you least expect it :) After a few years of hiatus from the romantic world, I bet my friend is excited to experience her firsts with this guy. Oh you know, first holding hands while walking in the busy Tokyo subway, first kiss under a Sakura tree and I bet she's more excited to those not-suitable-for-children kind of firsts :p I wonder how it is different doing all those with a Japanese, hmm? Baka may ibang techniques ang mga hapon, hehehehe. Mai, chika2x ka na lang sa amin ha...

Also a much awaited opportunity landed on Harley's lap - finally he received the job offer from a UK based company he had long hoped of being accepted. To celebrate his good fortune, I wheedled out from him an Italiannis dinner treat and he told me to bring along Steng, Jaspher and Mau to share his blessing. Since it was libre, I got to order one of their very expensive cakes. (see right pic) This slice cost 395 - you can buy one whole Red Ribbon cake with that! But it didn't disappoint me because it tasted so divine, very oishii! Grazie and congrats my poging bf - I'm so proud of you :) Now it's your turn to wait for your work permit and visa. It''ll be pure torture I tell you.

A friend of mine is also experiencing a new beginning. Though she might not find appreciation for what is happening to her right now, I believe in the future she'll be glad of this. Because this is an opportunity for her to spread her wings and to focus on finding herself - a thing she has neglected to do for years. She'll survive this, because she's one of those who possess such amazing strength. This too shall pass. And after this storm, I believe she'll emerge as a better person.

Wednesday 12 September 2007

HP Baby

This HP baby comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz processor, Vista OS, dvd writer, 5 in 1 card reader, built-in webcam, fingerprint reader and the loveliest feature - a remote control for watching movies and navigation of photos... (greatly encourages my tamaditis bouts). Thanks to my first HP baby for this - that's HP as in Harley Pogi, hihihihi :p


Tuesday 11 September 2007

Mau's Birthday Challenge

I support, all out, John Emannuelle Maunes' 40 days birthday challenge. What's this challenge? Not the same challenge in the 40 Days, 40 Nights movie because Mau with all his male and misguided hormones can never fulfill the celibacy challenge of Josh Hartnett's character in that movie. And also he'll never be willing to succumb himself to that. Well Mau's self-imposed challenge is to quit smoking for 40 days, before his 25th birthday. On the 41st day, he'll still decide if he's going to quit forever.

We have been bugging Mau since he started chain-smoking to quit. I believe that although he's gwapo as he is right now, he would have been way more handsome if he didn't start smoking in the first place. His skin would have been clearer (walang effect talaga Glutathione mo :p), his hairline would not have receeded that much, his perfectly shaped teeth would have maintained their pearly whiteness and he could have been Philippine's next top model if he didn't even start smoking!

Actually I am just writing this entry because Mau complained during lunch that I never mentioned him in my blog lately. But I really do support him in his crusade because as his friend, I do want what's best for him (naks!). He has already cleared 1 day and for someone as chain-smoker as Mau, I tell you that's no easy feat. So bravo, Mau! Only 39 days to go. I hope you quit smoking forever... Go go Mau :)

Wednesday 5 September 2007

William's Despedida at Dampa

If we're not belting out Bohemian Rhapsody (Mama! Just killed a man...) at Music 21, we usually celebrate important milestones at Dampa. Dampa (or SeaSide in Macapagal) is like SuTuKil at Mactan, Cebu. It has a talipapa where you can buy the freshest seafoods - from prawns to lobster, crabs, squids, tuna belly and lapu-lapu - you name it, they have it. Our suki is Justine's stall because the tindera is Bisaya and she usually gives us discounts or bonus pieces (pakapin ba sa Bisaya). After doing the shopping, you can then choose from the array of palutuan (restaurants that specialize in cooking your raw seafoods). Our favorite is G-Squared - masarap sila magluto :)

Justine's (above) and Steng (below) nagpaluto sa G Squared.

To go there, just take a cab and you there are two routes you can take. The first one is from Edsa then go to the direction of Mall of Asia (MOA). Before reaching MOA, take the right turn at the Blue Wave intersection. When you reach HK Sun Plaza, do a U-turn because Seaside-Macapagal is right across the street. The second route is taking the Buendia road. When you pass by the World Trade, you're on the right track, watch out for the Home Depot because Seaside is next to it.

Last night, nilibre kami ni William sa Dampa. It was like his despedida or going-away party as he's leaving for Singapore soon. I remember that the first NEC gathering I was invited to was William's despedida at Sunburst for AOTS. I was still a trainee and if I recall correctly, the other trainees who were also invited were Maristel, Ria and Korina. Demure pa ako noon. I was a bit intimidated by the bunch of "seniors" who dominated the crowd. That was 7 years ago, and now, di na ako demure :P Amazing how time flies.

The sumptuous food!
And the attackers..

Last night was also a celebration for Cathy (William's sis) passing not only the nursing board but also NCLEX. Galeng galeng, congrats! Truly, superb brains run in th family.

The Go Family....

We were 8 persons last night and if my psychic ability is right William just spent no more than 3500. Not bad eh, considering that it was eat-all-you-can seafoods, Steng was able to bring home doggy bags, and I was so bundat (full) that when I went home I immediately locked myself in the CR :p Sulit talaga mag-Dampa, try nyo minsan :)

See, daku gud kaayo og ngisi si Steng...


Monday 3 September 2007

Everybody is going somewhere

Rose flew for Malaysia on August 26. I remembered her the following day, as we had no work because it's National Heroes day. I almost lighted a candle on her behalf because she has become a hero... isa na syang OFW!

On August 30, Ria received her Japan visa and Dan demanded that she book a flight ASAP - it's really obvious Dan missed his personal geisha and he's dying to have a second honeymoon in the land of rising sun. So Ria spent 2 days in panic packing. Buti na lang naabutan pa nya yung midnight sale sa Glorietta and nakabili sya ng sulit na denim trench coat.

By the end of this week, it's William's turn. He's going to fly to Singapore. At least marami syang makakasama na ex-NEC employees dun. Di masyadong lonely. They can form some sort of club or organization there, ala-Kapisanan ng mga Dating Manggagawa ng NEC, Singapore Chapter.

Then it's going to be my turn (weee!). I'm itching to visit the Queen. And next in line is Stella. She's slated to visit Mito, Nats and Marianne. I hope it's going to be in that order kasi naunahan na ako ni Rose and Ria and mauunahan na rin ako ni William, tsk! Grabe naman pag-mauuna pa sa kin si Steng - di na jud ko palabot! Hehehe :p

It's really amazing how this profession catapults us to anywhere in the world. All we have to do is decide which country to go :p The world is getting smaller and smaller. Isn't it exciting? :)