Wednesday 16 July 2008

Kakikayan from Japan

I am absolutely delighted because today I received not just 1 but 2 parcels from the land of animes and sakura. The first parcel is from the Google wife that contains my orders from her online boutique and the kakikayan products that she promised to send me.

Michell Alexi sandals - tried these shoes on, they're divinely comfortable! You’ll get these (can even be customized to your tastes!) at cheaper rates in the Philippines, just visit Ria’s site.

The parcel from Ria contains:
  1. DermaFleece Eyelashes Builder, which guarantees to lengthen the lashes in just 21 days. I really need this! Sad to say I have no lashes that fans the cheeks when I close my eyes. In fact, my lashes are regrettably nonexistent. Mama apparently didn’t trim my lashes when I was still a baby (there’s no scientific explanation if that’s really but many swear it does lengthen the lashes). I asked her of course, demanding why she didn’t trim them. She just told me that there’s nothing to trim in the first place... yeah sometimes she’s not loyal.
  2. Fasio Hyper-stay Shock Free Mascara, so I won’t get shocked anymore whenever I browse pictures of Maila wearing a dress and makeup
  3. A brown Shiseido eyebrow pencil, which I hope doesn't smudge. The one I'm using does that sometimes at the end of the day I look like I have a black-eye.

The second parcel is from Eriko-san, my Japanese colleague 5 years ago when I was still in NEC (NMS-Abiko project). She’s really so sweet, she still remembers me. Love her, love the gifts! The parcel contains her favourite products:
  1. Lush Happy March (not July) Body Soap
  2. and oh! oh! last but definitely not the least... Dior Snow Sublimissime UV Protection SPF 50 (can’t wait to try this one!).

Maila singits a Meiji Vanilla White chocolate bar in Ria’s parcel, thanks Mai! She must have noticed in my pics that I’ve gained weighed because it’s so cute :p


Sunday 6 July 2008

Vamos Rafa!

Well it seems that I have chosen the perfect year to be hooked on Wimbledon, because the 2008 championship game was nerve-wracking and so full of drama that I reckon will make a mark in sporting history. It was an excruciating 4-hour and 48-minute match, now hailed the longest final in history. And that is not counting the 2 interruptions in between because of the rain. Yeah I spent the whole afternoon and evening watching tennis that my head even ached. But it was all worth it. It was amazing to see how well matched Nadal and Federer were, reminiscent of the glorious rivalry between Sampras and Agassi. In sheer skills both physically and mentally, they were each other's nemesis. To say that it was a close competition is an understatement. In every serve I was unsure who would win the point, almost every game reached a deuce and there were 2 set tie-breaks. Well one could say that it wasn't about tennis anymore. It wasn't about the technique, the backhands or the forehands anymore. Instead it became all about giving their all, heart and soul, and the spirit of fighting on and never giving up. Both players played as if their lives depended on it, as if the title was the only thing they wanted more than anything. I didn’t even care who would win because both truly deserved the title.

Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Rafael Nadal (Spain)

But there could only be one winner and it turned out to be Rafael Nadal. His first Wimbledon, ending the 5-year consecutive record wins of Roger Federer. Papa Rafa proved to be a very graceful winner. After shouting for joy and rolling on the ground after being proclaimed the champion, he immediately went to Roger to pat his shoulders. Then he literally climbed up to the guest box to embrace his parents and his uncle who is actually his tennis coach since he was 4 years old. (Hmmm so no girlfriend?) Then he crossed over to the Royal Box to shake the hands of the Prince and Princess of Spain who were apparently in attendance to support him. In his interview he was still all praises for his opponent, saying that Roger in his opinion is still the best player having won the Wimbledon 5 times, and he still has a long way to go with 1 Wimbledon win. Such humility for someone who won another Slam (the French Open) this year, making him the first after 28 years to win two Slams (French Open and Wimbledon) back-to-back in a year. He's truly an inspiration.

2008 seems to be Spain's year. First the Euro Cup, now Wimbledon.

Oh yeah, I noticed Rafa's wedgie move, the one Otep pointed out. I find it cute, really. I think he yanks down his shorts down because it hikes up to his butt. Well it's not his fault he's got a very defined butt. What a fine specimen of manhood Papa Rafa truly is. I have no trouble imagining him as a Spartan warrior. He'll give those 300 army a run for their money!

Rafa in action


Wednesday 2 July 2008

Hooked on Wimbledon

I have caught the Wimbledon fever. I now officially love Tennis because it's like watching Troy all over again. Remember that fight scene between Eric Bana and Brad Pitt? Well it's like that. It's two men fighting against each other and it's soooo hard to decide which one to cheer on because both of them are gorgeous!

The first Wimbledon match I watched was on Monday, live on BBC 1. It's a match between gangly-but-cute Scot, Andy Murray (Britain's number 1), and ooh-la-la French Richard Gasquet (World #7 in 2007).
Richard Gasquet

Andy Murray

Cute Andy on that match was able to come back from two sets down and won the 4-hour epic match. Because of the win he was slated to a match against Spain's Rafael Nadal today.

Of course I watched the Nadal vs. Murray match. Before turning on the telly I was set on rooting for Murray because he's the underdog, but I immediately changed my mind when I saw Papa Rafa play. His backhand, forehand or whatever you call those hands were simply powerful... blazing hot! My hats off to cute Andy for not running away from the speeding balls. Papa Rafa literally crushed cute Andy, closed the match in just 3 sets. And the Spaniard is not bad looking either. Ooohhh the biceps, sigh...

Rafael Nadal

If I had known Tennis would be this pleasing to the eyes, I would have gotten hooked on this eye-candy sport a long time ago!