Wednesday 13 December 2006

Holidays & Georgia Coffee

I received 9 Georgia coffee from friends who came back from Japan. 8 (Oo 8! Malumos jud ko ani og kape hehehe) from Maila who's here for a vacation. She just graced us a few minutes with her presence last night to give us her omiyage in between her flights from Japan to Cebu. Grabe igo ra jud namo gisimhot si Maila...hehehe. And 1 from Ria, who is here to stay for good, for now maybe. Yes, only 1 from Ria - kuripot talaga :p Pero choks lang kasi binigyan naman nya ako ng boylet before she exited with a bang from Japan.

It really is time for the Holidays. Dear friends are reappearing after months of disappearing act. And this coming Saturday is the start of Simbang Gabi. I won't miss it - I'll try not to miss one Simbang Gabis as my thank-you to Him for a suprisingly good year. Ria, gisingin mo talaga ako...

with Ria sa French baker Landmark

with Maila sa Domestic Airport


Monday 11 December 2006

My Starbucks Planner

I finally claimed my Starbucks planner kanina. Actually, nung Friday pa ako kulang na lang ng 1 sticker, so I could have bought a cup and claimed the planner over the weekend. But nooooo, I decided to delay it a bit, para mas masarap yung victory. Yes! I finally have a Starbucks planner... weee! Ang saya-saya!!! :D

I'm so proud of this because in just two weeks I was able to collect the required 21 stickers. I just shelled out for less than 10 cups because most stickers were donated by my mabait friends. Thanks, thanks sa inyong lahat na tumulong, di ko makakalimutan to... mwah! =)


Tuesday 28 November 2006

Red roses for me

Days before Valentines of this year, I passed by IslandRose's outlet near our condo. The store was full of flowers and their staff were busy arranging and packing them into those white boxes. Nainggit ako (inggitera talaga noh?) and naisip ko sino kaya magbibigay sa akin ng flowers like that from IslandRose or basta through online. I never thought it could happen because aside from I had no boyfriend yet that time, di ko naman inakala na magkakaboypren ako from far away land at magiging long-distance love affair ang drama namin, hehehe.
On the morning of 24-Nov. I received a bouquet of 2 dozen red roses from Pangga. I was really surprised because he had never hinted that he had something in store for me that day. May pasorry-sorry pa na wala daw sya gift sa akin kasi nasa malayo daw sya... hahaha acting talaga. And my delight doubled when I found out that he ordered those flowers from IslandRose. Sus, sya pala magbibigay sa akin ng ganun, hehe how sweet... Red na, IslandRose na and from Pangga pa, wow! truly it's the best bouquet I've received so far!

Happy first monthsary :)


Monday 13 November 2006

Aging gracefully

I don't feel old, in fact I feel younger than my age... hahaha defensive ba? I read this article from Philstar and it suggests practical tips on how to age gracefully. Practical, in a sense that this doesn't involve expensive anti-aging creams or uber expensive nip-and-tuck procedures, but lifestyle changes that actually will help us grow as a person. I'm posting an excerpt in my blog. I want to have this archived for future reference (shocks... ) and also to share with you. However, the gist of this is to live simply, give more of yourself to others and do things with love and passion.

Secrets to aging well
WELL-BEING By Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit
The Philippine STAR 11/07/2006

Focus on helping others. As Mother Teresa used to say the world is hungry for our help and our love. When our focus is outside of ourselves and we venture to help others or a cause, then we forget about our own problems, which experts say make us feel old. We gain vitality, fulfillment, and joy when we help others. Age is just a number; it should not imprison us to stop making a difference.

Be realistic. Do not get carried away though because you do not have the easy and bottomless energy of youth. Do not be too daring and too obsessed that you are already putting in too much energy way beyond what you can really easily commit.

Start small. Whether it is exercising or finding a good advocacy, start with a small step. If you haven’t been exercising, start by walking around the neighborhood for 15 minutes. Then increase it by five minutes every other day until you can walk for 30 minutes. Then increase the effort by walking faster, swinging your arms or even carrying small weights.

Begin with your passion. When you love doing it, it is not work. If you love to paint, then offer to paint for free for the homeless like in the GK project of Gawad Kalinga or donate your paintings to hospital wards. Using our passion to help others is very uplifting and defines our purpose in life.

Use your wisdom. The unique set of skills, gifts, and experiences you have developed over a lifetime makes you a great teacher to anyone in need. Before you know it, your influence will expand as you help a lot of people.

Connect with nature. There is something about nature that is so inspiring and uplifting. Just being surrounded by trees in a park, for example, energizes you. The magnificence of nature also makes us realize that we are so finite compared to the greatness of our Creator. That normally puts things in perspective – especially worldly concerns that throw us off-balance and stress us out. Plant flowers in your garden, smell them, and enjoy their beauty.

Be with inspiring people. Who makes you happy, energetic, alive? Be with those people more than those who provide you anguish, low morale, and pain. I remember years ago when I wrote about happiness in one’s work – if your job does not fulfill you and make you happy, then you deserve to find another one because no amount of money and benefits can equal the stress and illness you will develop in a job that makes you miserable. Heal yourself by being with people who inspire you and make you whole.

Forgive and forget. Life is too short to keep an inventory of what is wrong and not fair. Each disappointment should be regarded as a lesson with a valuable teaching. This is so difficult, but I have a technique. I implore God to do the forgiving for me; once I let go, I realize it is easy.

Listen to music, admire art. Find something that will inspire you. If it is music, buy the CD or go to a concert. If it’s art, frequent the museum. There is something inspiring about admiring the creation of a human skill, maybe because it alludes to the greatness of the God who created man and his talents.

Get involved in service. Do not just write a check to charity. Get involved. Whether it is just volunteering to teach catechism to kids on weekends or to sing in church.

According to Dr. Weil, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and author of several best-sellers, among them Healthy Aging, any activity that makes you feel more alive, more connected to others, more connected to nature, less isolated, and more comfortable with change is beneficial. It will improve your physical and mental health. It will help you accept the fact of your aging and help you age gracefully.

Dr. Weil believes many things really become better with age, such as whiskey, cheese, trees, violins, and antiques. "If you look at whiskey, aging of whiskey smoothes out rawness and greenness, it adds depth and complexity, it adds flavors, and concentrates what’s desirable. At the same time, there is evaporation of what’s less consequential and I think it’s fairly easy to see the analogies in human life with that process. Aging can increase value by concentrating what is most worthy and by allowing what’s inconsequential to dissipate. It can smooth out roughness, add depth of character, so I just find it a useful exercise to think what aging brings out in these other areas of our experience that makes us willing to pay more money for old versions."


Wednesday 8 November 2006

When God writes your Lovestory (my version)

After I changed my status in Friendster into in a relationship, many friends and previous officemates began contacting me, asking me who's my bf, how did we meet, our love story, etc, blah blah blah. Dami yata nagulat may bf na ako.. don't worry pati rin ako nagulat eh hahaha :p So I've decided to blog about it all para send ko na lang link na 'to sa magtatanong pa. But this is just a summary (warning, mushy to, hehe), I'd rather keep some details private :)

Ria seemed to have this self-imposed obligation to help me fill my loveless lovelife. Two months ago we had this chat:
Oi, may ire-reto ako sa yo, hehehe.
Sino na naman yan?

Si Harley, matagal na sa Kuwait, friend ni Dan, NEC manila din dati. Promise okay to sya, mabait. Ayoko ko sana ireto sa yo kasi sobrang mabait daw.
Huh? Ayoko pala ng sobrang mabait?
Hahaha baka kasi ma bored ka sa kanya :p

Honestly, I wasn't "searching", because I was happy being single and available. Going into another relationship wasn't my priority. I thought di pa naman ako gurang, medyo marketable pa naman ako (hahahaha!) so there's no pressure. Sometimes I even went out to friendly dates para makalibre ng coffee, hehehehe :p Besides I just gained my "freedom", I was bent on enjoying it to the fullest, do things I had long ago wanted to do and I was focusing more on improving myself. And also, since Harley was from NEC (though NEC-Manila) I didn't expect this to take off and progress "romantically". I thought, naku from NEC na naman! I have nothing against NEC guys pero heller naman, kung both naging bf mo from NEC, wouldn't you want to try another flavor? Understandably, gusto ko naman ng iba, baka kasi malas lang ako with NEC guys. But since he's mabait (correction, sobrang mabait pala... hehehe) I conceeded, at least I would gain another friend.

Our first chat surprised me because I was pre-framed that he's boring, oh my gas, di pala! Aba sumasakay sya sa mga hirit ko! Especially when he told me he had a crush on me when he saw me in Cebu when they had their training, plus 100 pogi points na sya agad! Hahahaha oo nabola ako :P After that, we started chatting a lot and exhanged text messages literally from sunup to kadlawon (madaling-araw). We talked about everything under the sun from serious topics like our past relationships and our dreams, to mundane topics and walang-kwenta na bagay. Makulit sya, makulit din ako, kaya ayun magastos sa load, hahaha. I began looking forward to his messages (I made sure may load ako always para makareply, o diba.. hehe) and I felt giddy everytime he called me. I realized then I felt "something" for him. But I brushed it aside, shunned the kilig since I would want to meet him in person first and verify if I would still feel the same way (to verify din na di sya multo, hehe).

Two weeks ago he was here for a vacation. We planned to meet. I was really nervous as I waited for him at Greenbelt. (Oo kainis, pinahintay ako, grr! Nakalimutan yata nya na Pinas to, hello traffic from QC to Makati...) And my nervousness augmented with each passing minute that it was a miracle inabutan nya ako still standing na poised pa rin, as if everything's normal. I can't remember the first thing I said to him , because everything was a blur... I just felt so happy I finally met him and I had this crazy urge
to hug him kasi gwapo pala sya in person, hahahaha :D After a few minutes, the awkwardness went away and we were conversing/nagkukulitan like we used to in phone and chats. We had a lovely dinner at Hue, coffee at Coffee Bean, midnight snacks at Chowking, ice cream at 7-11 then breakfast meals at Jollibee... haha oo, inumaga na kami, kwentuhan lang, kulitan... exactly my idea of a perfect date (see, low-maintenance lang talaga ako, basta may food, solve na :p). Two days after, under the starlit sky of Makati, he popped the question. Ayun sinagot ko na agad, di man lang umabot ng one hour, baka kasi magbago ang isip hahahaha (tsk! di ko man lang pinahirapan... ). It's because I finally felt that elusive spark, that magical feeling of finally finding your match... how could I say no? The following days were filled with wonderful discoveries about him, with each discovery leaving me falling deeper in love with him. And believe me, he's not boring... not at all! *wink*

I was already happy before he came, he just made me happier. I never thought I can be this happy. Being with him, I am carefree, no pretenses, I am not restricted... I am me. It was all a perfect timing. Just when I wasn't searching, when I'm already healed by past disappointments and heartbreaks, God caught me by surprise and gave me Harley. I think He waited for me to become a better person (oo pramis, better ako ngayon, haha) because Harley deserves a better me. Yes, he's back in Kuwait now. But even though I miss him so badly, I am comforted by the thought that somewhere out there, under the same stars (naks!) he's loving me as much. This temporary separation is just a small sacrifice compared to the promise of spending better tomorrows with him. "Don't settle", my friends told me that perhaps a dozen of times before and shocks yeah, I'm really glad I followed that advice. Destiny? ... hmmm perhaps :) But one thing is sure, God loves me so much that He has given me someone way better than I hoped and prayed for.


Saturday 4 November 2006

Timestamp: Nov. 03, 2006
NAIA, around 3am kaya ngarag pero beauties pa rin! :P
Next pic 2 years after?


Friday 3 November 2006

buh bye Sis!

Claire's despida at SeaSide
I've known Claire for ten years now. Way back in Grade 9, this always sleepy girl defended me against a bitchy classmate whom I had thought was a dear friend. We were inseparable since then and I started calling her bestfriend (naks!). After highschool, we both enrolled for B.S. Physics (USC-TC) to the shock of our parents. They couldn't comprehend what jobs would be waiting for us after graduation. We managed to convince them of the brilliance of the Physics curriculum, without telling them that the main reason why we chose Physics was because of it's hassle-free enrollment (konti lang kasi nag-e-enroll, hahaha). We just didn't want to endure the long lines of Accountancy, which was our parents' preference for us :P Two years after college she was also accepted in NEC and hence we became officially colleagues. Then, I transferred here in Manila but after a few months we were "together again" because she persuaded NEC to transfer her to the Manila branch so she could be with her husband, who was also working here that time.

Claire and I had many other adventures together. To name a few, we earned our first salary as pretty cashiers of Greenwich during the summer before third year college. The next summer after that, we had a stint as service crews of Jollibee where a lesbian courted her while sa akin naman bading yung pumorma : We also started calling each other "Sis" as a pun after we joined a Singles For Christ prayer meeting (sorry nacornihan lang talaga kami nun sa Singles eh, hehe). We also became part of the uber exclusive group of VPALEM, a group of beautiful (ehem ehem) and chismosa este chic NEC software engineers, which paved the way of another series of crazy adventures.

I watched this Joyce Jimenez look alike (naks!) fall in love with Darrix (nobody's look alike, hehe), choosing him among her countless admirers for reasons I still can't grasp (hahaha peace Dar!). I witnessed their love story unfolded and ended in blissful marriage (of course, ako yung maid of honor) . I also witnessed her getting pregnant, giving birth and misplacing her baby because she forgot that she has immersed the baby among the dirty clothes inside the washing machine... okay okay just kidding but I have a strong feeling this will happen in the future, haha!

Sis has been like a fixture in my life for the past ten years. She's the most generous friend I know. She never failed to suppport me and she has always defended me pag may kaaway, kakampi ko sya, hehe automatic yan! The sadness I felt as I said goodbye to her at the airport was of course natural. I may never see her again in the next two years or more :( Honestly, I miss her already. But I am more excited for her because she's on her way to be with Darrix, as they both embark the next major step to realize their dreams. I am very happy for both of them.

As I watched Claire's retreating form at the airport I was amazed at the major changes hurled at me these past few days. My bestfriend has left, to live for good in the US... a major change indeed. As I felt Harley's hand clasping mine, I sighed to realize that his unexpected entry into my life is also another major change... a very wonderful change. Things are working out for the best for all of us... for Claire, Ria and the rest of the VPALs. Thank God for all the blessings :)


Tuesday 24 October 2006

Feels Like Home

I would like to share this song from Dawson's Creek OST. Yes this may seem so corny and cheesy, but this song conveys what I am feeling now. I'll just blog the details some other time because I don't know where to start. Perhaps I'm just too overwhelmed with what's happening. Basta all I can say for now is: Thank you so much, Ria! Super ganda mo talaga! :D

Chantal Kreviazuk

There's something in your eyes
Makes me want to lose myself
Makes me want to lose myself in your arms

There's something in your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I come from

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

A window breaks down a long dark street
And a siren wails in the night
But I'm alright cause I have you here with me
And I can almost see through the dark there's light

If you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
If you knew how happy you are making me
I've never thought I'd love anyone so much

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I come from

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

Monday 23 October 2006

My new number

I woke up this morning with a slight stiff-neck because Claire and I had slept like sardines (this means, siksikan kami sa isang single-sized bed na parang sardinas). While still groggy, I grabbed my phone and decided to change my keypad passcode. I was very confident in inputting the numbers because it's just a 4-digit combination based from my birth date anyway. Why didn't I find it odd that I was prompted to input the code 3 times, I don't know. I just went ahead and entered the same combination again and again. I was suprised when an error message showed up that I locked my sim and I needed to input the PUK to unlock it... Great! Apparently, it had asked for my sim passcode not the keypad -- not following instructions talaga! I couldn't remember the PUK code so I had no choice but to buy a new sim. Huhuhuhuhu naging attached pa naman ako sa number ko na yun :( Lessons learned? Well, first, never ever lose your sim's PUK especially if you're using prepaid. Second, never ever change passwords when you're sleepy. Just drink a cup of coffee or update your blog kahit na with walang-kwentang post, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. By the way, my new number is 09274991108. Text nyo ako ha... :

Friday 20 October 2006

Still Unwritten

As I listened to Canon in D Major (remember Sassy Girl? that music being played on the piano by the lead actress?), I couldn't help but to switch to my senti mode. I realized that November is just around the corner, December will soon follow and shocks, this year will say buh-bye in no time! What happened to me this year? Hmmm so many things have happened actually! Before this year started I had embraced being "single and available" again, which gave me the chance to build a closer relationship with my family. I vacationed to places, (Sagada, Baguio and Boracay - local lang muna, sana next year Europe na, hehe) that used to be just dreams with old (err... mature pala) and new friends. I transferred to another workplace as a strategic career move (naks!) and though it was just 3 months ago, I am already "at home" here. I also joined a religious community to strengthen my relationship with God - one of the best decisions I have done, promise! I met new faces through the activities I attended both in and outside work. In fact 300+ na friends ko sa Friendster! Wow what an accomplisment, diba?

Yes, the year is nearing its end, with just 2 months to go. Uhhhmmm okay, what's next? Well, there's Claire definitely leaving soon for US (huhuhuhuhu :( ) to be with her handsome husband (! kasukaon ko! :P). Or maybe by mid-November Ria might suddenly show up at our doorstep because she can't bear being far far away from her bby, hehehe. Or perhaps more NEC pips jumping out of the boat and joining us here in Manila? (Hahaha kung sino pa nagbabalak dyan, tutulungan namin kayo :P) I really don't have an inkling what's gonna happen next. But I have this feeling that there are no less exciting "happenings" coming my way. Alright then, bring it on! :)

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in

No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

Ayan, feel na feel talaga :P


Thursday 5 October 2006

Wala lang... tinatamad lang.

I planned to start working early today. I even managed to be here in the office around 9am - earlier than my usual 10:55 (hehe, we're allowed for a flexi 'til 11am). Because I wanted to be more productive today, finish my tasks ahead of time para sureball na maregular ako this Feb. And also, I have to leave the office early this PM to meet a friend for a chitchat. But the moment I sat down in this chair all those noble plans flew out of the window and were ran over by buses at Ayala Ave. For the past 2 hours, I have been doing non work-related things - browsed horoscope at myyahoo, ate a yummy (and cholesteroly) McDo longganisa meal, drank my favorite Mister Donut brewed coffee and chatted with Ria about the wonders of Servlets (hehehe joke!). And now I'm blogging... So you see, useless na inagahan ko pumasok ngayon! Grrr...

Someone reminded me yesterday about Newton's first law of motion - the law of inertia. The law states that every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it. Ahhhh (Twing! may lightbulb na umilaw inside my pretty head...) this explains why I am having so much difficulty to start working. Because, I am still in my state of rest I need force to get me moving. But you see, I don't have that needed force right now, because I'm really weak with hunger - malapit na kasi lunch : Ngak ang OA ko! Hello.. kakakain ko lang kaya ng McDo. The truth is I'm suffering from a bad case of tamad-isis.

Laziness is probably my worst flaw. Back in college, I used to procrastinate studying and making projects that I would usually go in a state of frenzy and panic when deadlines near. I would then say the excuse that cramming is exciting and it brings out the best in me. I even marketed myself as "works well even under pressure" during my final interview in NEC and oh boy, I fooled those Japs to hire me.

So what now? Hmmm nothing.. wala naman talagang point tong blog ko.

Hay naku! Makapagtrabaho na nga! Good luck to me :

Tuesday 3 October 2006

Breaking down the walls

I am a very private person. Or I was... I used to be. I used to think I should always project this image of toughness, an aura of invulnerability. So I used to wear layers and layers of armors. I used to hide behind walls. Because I didn't want anybody to get too close for comfort. Even my closest friends they just have come to know the real me gradually or just recently, because I accidentally slipped out bits and pieces of my life's stories during the times we spent together.

To bare my soul to someone used to be a big no-no in my vocabulary. I would usually cringe whenever I happened to disclose a little bit more than what I had intended to share. Because I thought that telling that someone about my past, my fears, my dreams and my worries I would be giving him/her the ammunition to hurt me. Oh I guess, it's human nature to cocoon their feelings to protect themselves.

And yes it was effective. Nobody got the chance to hurt me to the point of leaving me hopelessly devastated and beyond repair. But I also realized nobody did know the real me. Nobody knew how truly gorgeous I am (hahaha gusto pa talagang isingit to o :-p). That realization left me utterly empty.

So now I am starting to share little bits and pieces of myself to my friends. I'd rather risk getting hurt than living and dying alone and unknown. But more importantly, I am tearing down these walls for Him. Because in the end, after the last wall crumbles, I am confident He will still love me and embrace me, warts and all.


Friday 29 September 2006

Si Milenyo (Part 2)

The electricity went out around 1PM yesterday. Good thing though our PCs and internet connection were alive and kicking because of UPS. But still, all of us here weren't in the mood to work - surf2x and chat na lang. Oh well, it's the weather's fault, hahaha. After we finished our delayed free lunch, and since the rain and strong winds already subsided, we agreed to go to Landmark (yes, open pala sya) and have some crepe for dessert in French Baker. After that, we went to SM grocery (yes, open din sya).

Makati seemed like a desolate town as I walked home last night. The aftermath of Milenyo left some trees uprooted, with leaves and branches scattered all over the streets. It was dark since there was no electricity. The stop lights weren't working, even the 7-11 store in our building didn't have a choice but to use candles. The elevators in our condo were also busted. Fortunately we just lived at the 3rd floor and the grocery bags I carried weren't heavy so it wasn't that much effort for me to use the stairs. Only the flickering emergency light bulb connected to the building's generator provided meager illumination in our unit. Bing and I were so bored, so kwentuhan na lang kami. I also received text messages, "bored ako, aliwin mo ako" huh? ano ako? entertainer? Apparently not only Makati was suffering lost of electricity. So, I resorted to texting until I heard the telltale beep - "wahh, low bat na ako! huhuhuhu" and I also received "ako rin, low bat na" replies. And not only I was low in battery, I was also low in load! It seemed like living in the province, that because of nothing else to do, you would just go to bed early. So that's what I did, I went to bed early - around 11pm, 2 hours earlier than my bedtime :P

As of 10AM this morning, before I left for the office, there's still no electricity in our condo bldg. Hopefully tonight it'll come back.. gusto ko kasi manood ng Majika.. last episode na kasi... huhuhuhu :( But as a backup plan, I've charged my cellphone here in the office (mangggamit! hahahaha) and I'm gonna buy some load later...


Thursday 28 September 2006

Si Milenyo...

Though typhoon Milenyo is still on the way, we can now feel it's wrath. The gov't offices have no work. The US Embassy's doors are closed (I watched Unang Hirit eh). Even the stock trading is suspended (hahaha as if I ought to care). But we have work --- no surprise there. Our HR said that though it's signal #3, it's still up to the company to decide to suspend work or not. And they decided not to suspend it. Since I don't have an excuse to skip work because darn we live so near the office, I grudgingly dragged my feet amidst the flying yero's and irate rain to walk towards here. But grr, I wanna go home! Some of my friends are not required to report to work. They're not online in YM and Gtalk - less persons for me to chat with? Hehehe I bet they are just staying at home, snuggled in there comfortable beds, snoring... Hayyyy....

Our management just issued a directive that we can go home if we want to, but we should file it as a leave. Great! There's no choice then but to stay here... I still don't have leave benefits because I'm not yet a regular employee here. Naman! :(


Tuesday 26 September 2006


BIBO is an acronym for Bata Ikaw ang Bukas Outreach. It is a program spearheaded by ANLP-Makati in coordination with Sun for All Children (an NGO) that holds English and Math tutorial classes for 30 underprivileged kids in Baseco. I have volunteered as a Math tutor and I have been attending it for 3 consecutive Saturdays now.

I remember the first time we went to Baseco. Though I had had some ideas on my head on what the place would look like, I was still disheartened when I saw it. I still find it hard to understand how they "multiplied" in that area. You see, Baseco was a shipyard before and it's been land-filled (actually more like garbage-filled) to make it "livable" by our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Thousands of families live there and there are an average of 4-5 kids per family. The first time I went there, it rained the night before. So the area was muddy and we had to be really careful not to step on loose ground so as not to have our shoes submerged into some murky piles of garbages. It was an ala-extra-challenge experience, I tell you, as we fought not to lose our balance trekking to the venue.

On the 2nd Saturday, the venue was moved near what they call the "sea wall". We now have to pass by this meter-wide strip which is more passable than the previous one. But it's advisable not to get too friendly with the kids playing around the area. Or else they might just grab you saying "swimming tayo, Ate!" and push you to dive into the garbage-ladened Manila bay, ewww!

I was assigned to teach a group of kids that started with 5 but now they're 8 :) Last Saturday, I went there armed with stronger conviction to teach my kids Math and to make them absorb the lessons no matter what it took. I thought it would just be another normal tutoring day for me, but I was wrong. Something happened that I didn't expect. Because we did something different that day... Instead of tutors taking snacks together with other tutors and all the kids eating together as a bunch, the tutors and the kids assigned to them ate their snacks together. While I was eating my sandwich, I noticed a couple of my kids not eating their chocolate cakes. I just thought maybe they weren't hungry yet. But then Christian (the most lambing boy in my group) approached me, asking for a plastic. So I asked, "What for? Di nyo ba gusto yung cake? Di nyo kasi kinakain eh...". Christian, in his sweet and innocent voice answered me, "Ate George, iuuwi ko po kasi sa amin. Ibibigay ko sa mga kapatid ko. May plastic po ba kayo?" And all the others chorused, "Ako din po Ate George, penge ng plastic."

Shocks, I was dumbfounded. Because the kids, who I believe rarely get the chance to eat a free cake, still thought of their siblings at home! Heck, if I were them, I would gladly gobble down my cake without a second thought! Simply amazing, diba?

I told my co-tutors about this and they said they had noticed that before. So we'd usually serve two snacks because if we'd only serve one, most of the kids would never eat it because they would bring it home for their siblings. So, the tendency is, they'd still be hungry until the end of the tutoring session. I was humbled upon hearing that. I initially thought I would be the one who would teach them some Math lessons. The kids taught me a greater lesson in life - that it's possible to be unselfish and to care for your loved ones even in the midst of poverty.

The next time I'll go there, I vow to get to know my kids some more. I want to know more about their families, their dreams, what makes them laugh and what makes them cry. I hope I can make a difference in their lives just like the way they have touched mine.


Thursday 21 September 2006


This song's going on and on inside my head lately. It's not new, in fact it's no longer sikat, but it's been my LSS for the past few days.


Alone and misunderstood
That's why i came to you
The feelings i have inside
With you, i can't hide

I see that life's a game
Get hurt, but who's to blame
I guess i'm just a child
In a world that's very wild

Where can i find a place that's full of tenderness
I get there when i close my eyes and hold and pray
That you and i will be there

Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day better than our yesterday
Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day but today's our chance to be there
(this is our chance to be there)

Is there a room for change
There are things to rearrange
I thought that we are so young
And temptations are strong

But i've got to start with me
It's hard but let it be
It may take some time
Fixing up a perfect life

Where can i find a place that's full of tenderness (tell me, tell me)
I get there when i close my eyes and hold and pray (pray)
That you and i will be there

Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day better than our yesterday
Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day but today's our chance to be there
(this is our chance to be there)

Once in a while, you get down and get wild
Set the rain hope so i took some dope
What happened to your start, not a dumb old fun
I had renewed my faith, better not be late
'cause i hate to go back again wasting my life and sin
I got my lord to obey now, so i say now
Take a ride home, go, take a ride home, go
Back to the father

Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day better than our yesterday
Someday, i say
We'll make a brighter day but today's our chance to be there

To do the chance to be there
Someday, i say
But today's our chance
We'll make a brighter day and today's our chance to be there

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