Wednesday 28 April 2010

IKEA Madness

Hubby and I are renting an unfurnished flat here in Kuwait. It is lamentably bare but it has the basics that we need to live comfortably, i.e. hubby had managed to install a sturdy bed before I first set foot on our humble abode.

Though our flat is like a blank canvass that allows my artistic juices to flow wild and free, for now I have to contain it within the dark recesses of my imagination. With only one of us earning at the moment, well, budget is tight. (Sob)


Saturday 17 April 2010

Evening Strolls at the Scientific Center

Our flat is located at Salmiya and one of the perks that we enjoy living in this rather lively area is being near to The Scientific Center of Kuwait, which is located on the waterfront along the Arabian Gulf Road. Hubby and I are aiming to go for an after dinner stroll there every other night. The refreshing walk along the one (1) kilometre provides a great opportunity for us to burn at least a couple of our excess pounds, as well as lets us enjoy a breathtaking view of Kuwait’s evening skyline. And what more, during these strolls hubby and I get to spend some bonding moments – talk about us, our marriage and our plans for the future.


Wednesday 7 April 2010

Filipinos are Everywhere in Kuwait

The Filipinos is a considerable chunk of minorities here in Kuwait. You will see our kababayans literally everywhere. Although with more than 500,000 in population here in Kuwait, the Indian nationals still account for the single largest expatriate community (the State of Kuwait’s current population is estimated at 3 to 3.5 million people only), but you will also find a huge number of Filipinos working in the medical sector (i.e. nurses), IT, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and supermarkets.