Tuesday 24 November 2009

UK Movie Locations

During my two years stay here in UK, I had the privilege to visit some locations that were used and featured in my favourite films. Here’s the initial list.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Oxford University Christ Church College’s dining hall was used as Hogwarts dining hall during the sorting ceremony in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film. At present the dining hall is still used for meals by students of this famous Uni.


Sunday 22 November 2009

Filipino Efren Peñaflorida is 2009 CNN Hero of the Year

"As I say to my co-volunteers, you are the change that you dream, as I am the change that I dream. And collectively, we are the change that this world needs to be. Mabuhay!"

Efren Peñaflorida ended his speech with these inspiring words after he was hailed the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year at an All-Star tribute at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday Night.

Congratulations! Mabuhay ka Efren! We are so proud of you!

Efren Peñaflorida, who will receive $100,000 to continue his work with the Dynamic Teen Company, was selected after seven weeks of online voting at CNN.com. More than 2.75 million votes were cast. Read full story: Pushcart educator named CNN Hero of the Year.

Saturday 14 November 2009

My Jimmy Choo for H&M Haul

Barbs and I went to the H&M store at Oxford Street around 10AM. There was of course a queue at the doors but it wasn't too bad. We breezed through in just 10 minutes. Inside we were told that could we shop freely at the womenswear area but had to queue again inside to get into the shoes area.

Queue again? No worries. We were only there for the shoes after all. It's Jimmy Choo. Duh! On our way to the shoe area queue I grabbed for myself a sequined racer-back sleeveless top, slim fit trousers and some cool accessories. Barbs got her hands on an exquisite sequined dress and some accessories as well. 


Friday 13 November 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Jimmy Choo is coming to H&M on Saturday, the 14th of November.

Yep, that’s tomorrow! And you now you have an idea where I will be tomorrow.

Gosh, Barbs and I are so excited! I still don’t have a bridal shoes, so really, I have to be there…

The uber high-end designer brand has teamed up with the affordable Swedish mega fashion store to bring their merchandise more accessible to the public. The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection includes womenswear, menswear and accessories, with prices starting at £14.99.

"It’s all about capturing the DNA for the H&M price point," H&M's Jen Uglialoro said.


Thursday 12 November 2009

Hearthrobs London 2009: A Recap

I was a bit disappointed with Hearthrobs London 2009, which was held on Sunday, the 8th of November. With the thousands of pesos (in equivalent) I spent, it was just so-so. The stage was plain. Just a big LCD screen with, some lights, then tarpaulins that featured the sponsors. That’s it. Okay I can forgive the ordinary stage because I’m guessing it’s expensive to fly in the artists and their entourage to London, and of course the artists’ talent fees plus the rental of Theatre Royal Drury Lane for exclusive use must have taken a huge chunk from the production budget, but still they should have put on a better show. It seemed like the artists were just told to bring along minus ones (yes there wasn’t even a live band) handed them microphones and then pushed towards the stage where they had to sing three songs each. It was poorly conceptualized and poorly prepared, if any preparation was given to it at all. Well I know they are movie actors and possess no singing prowess close to West End performers’ calibre but I had expected a concert with ala-ASAP production numbers. Not a karaoke show.


Saturday 7 November 2009

Theatres Galore

In a span of less than a week, I have watched not just one but two theatre shows at London West End and not alone mind you, but with friends! Ahhh to share the good things in life with friends indeed makes every experience more enjoyable.


Monday 2 November 2009

This Is It! Our Wedding Invitation

Finally we have started sending our invitations. First to our overseas guests so they will have ample time to decide if they will attend or not, and then prepare should they give their word to be there. We fervently hope, fingers cross, that all our invited guests will grace us with their presence.

The exact moment I handed the first set of invites to a Royal Mail staff for posting I felt a rush of excitement, a spine-tingling emotion (no kidding) washed over me. It was a this-is-it moment, making this long awaited event of my life more real than ever. Blimey - we are truly getting married!


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