Sunday 16 May 2010

Conquering the Ironing Board

One time Harley’s colleague asked him, “Harley did you iron your shirt?
Harley looked at his shirt and I bet tried to sound cheery, “Oh yes man. My wife did.
His colleague smiled, “Oh yeah? Maybe you jumped back into bed with the shirt on?

There goes my conceitedness that I'm quite good with ironing clothes down the drain...

And if ever I will meet that guy in person, he will receive nothing but an icy stare from me!

Well I never had any training with long-sleeved shirts. I can’t remember owning one, I rarely wear one. Besides that particular shirt he was wearing that day is truly a nightmare to iron, believe me.

Almost every day I discover myself sorely lacking in housekeeping skills. It seems the only thing I am good at is spending hubby's money. I should have paid more attention to Home Economics in school instead of letting my mom finish my projects. Thank God for thoughtful people who upload videos on how to properly do stuff. Like this video:
The instructions in the video are really effective. I tried it on one shirt - fumbled for it for 30 minutes - and I must say there's a lot of improvement. I have here three (3) more shirts to practice on. Must do my best to earn my keep... gahh I hate being jobless!

P.S. A tip from my mother-in-law - mix the water in the spray bottle with some Downy. Difficult creases will be more easier to iron.


aneshka said...

naa na solution. Palit ug steamer. Di man ko ni problema kay si daria man tig plantsa sa iyang damit malagot man siya kung ako mura ra daw wala gi plantsa hehehe

lgeorgia said...

lagi... nangatol na ko palit anang steamer bah. kaso wala pa sa budget (wow ga budget na daw ko :-|)

unsa nindot na brand?

ay si harley utro dili kibalo mamalantsa kay naanad naay tigplantsa nila sa balay.

pag naa na ko work, naa na koy excuse mo hire og help.

deveykus said...

Haha same here, I hate ironing. It's so darn difficult and time consuming :)

lgeorgia said...

especially long sleeved 100% cotton shirts.. nightmare!

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