Tuesday 25 May 2010

Nasuya Ko

I am envious of my gorgeous friends now meeting in SanFo, flying to Vegas in a few days and then traipsing at Central Park in a few weeks. Shopping ‘til they drop at outlet stores must be part of their itinerary. While I on the other end of the spectrum is stuck here in the land of sandstorms and menos (if you watch Bleach anime, you get what I mean), and spend most days glancing from time to time at the watch, waiting for my handsome husband to get home. Ah the wonderful world of newlywed bliss.

Why oh why couldn’t they wait for me? It’s like, it’s just next year.

Oh well I wish them all the best. All the fun. I hope they’ll lose a lot of money in Vegas or their toddlers hate the lovely Victorian house they're staying at and start throwing tantrums everywhere.

Of course I’m not bitter. Because someday I will have the right to wear this.


Franzis Mari said...

wew.. astang kaluoy...

gi-edit pa ang pic hahaha


Ria May said...

oks ra george, wala pa man pud mi ka london ug switzerland hehehe.

lgeorgia said...

yep wala pa pud mo ka-Kuwait :p

lagi luoy kaayo ko :(

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