Saturday 27 February 2010


I just got home after watching the last full show of Miss You Like Crazy at Shangri-La. I am at the moment experiencing an aftershock... kinikilig pa rin ako! Although actually, it’s not a typical kilig or cutie-cutie movie. This one is mature. There is a bed scene - oh okay, a "floor scene" to be exact. And I won’t be surprised if Bea or John Lloyd cried literally a bucket of tears for this.

I agree with the director, Bea is excellent in this movie. And John Lloyd’s acting, as expected, is the best complement. They truly have a fantastic chemistry. This movie, in my opinion, is the best John Lloyd and Bea movie to date.

Every cast delivered, even those that only have supporting roles like that Malaysian guy, he is very convincing as Bea's loving fiancé. I was truly surprised to find out that Maricar Reyes, the straight-laced sosyal girlfriend, can actually act. And even the narrator/investor, who talks cheesily about love and who encourages John Lloyd to never give up the fight, is also good.

From start to finish, I have nothing bad to say about MYLC. I enjoyed it a lot. It doesn’t fall flat, like most much-hyped movies do. Thanks to those who thought of, planned and made this much-awaited reunion a reality for us to savour.

Miss You Like Crazy, don't miss it. Now showing in theatres nationwide.

Memo to Self:
  • Gotta try the Pasig ferry soon!
  • Start carrying a pen and stones around. A stone has a more character than a Post-It. Really.

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