Thursday 29 October 2009

Must Have: Jeggings

I love leggings, especially jeggings a.ka. jean leggings (leggings that look like jeans). Jeggings are more comfortable than the real ones, skinny jeans. During my last visit to the Philippines I really enjoyed wearing my jeggings because they suited our hot, humid climate. It's more airy than denim, plus, a real space-saver too! You can just roll it and stuff it in your luggage.

I received my first pair of jeggings from a gorgeous friend in Tokyo. It's a bit faded now - proof that it has been used and washed dozens of times. So I need a new pair pronto.


Keeping the Love Alive Even When You're Apart

Long Distance Relationship - Will it work?

Yes. Definitely.
But it takes bloody work.

If other couples only have to survive short periods of being apart - just a few weeks or months because one has to be away for a business trip maybe - ours on the other hand are in a long distance setup right from the start.

Oh yes you heard, uhh read that right. Unconventional? True.


Tuesday 27 October 2009

Can't Say No to Derek Gerard

Harley has just been asked to be the Godfather of Derek Gerard – the firstborn of our good friends Ria (my bridesmaid) and Dan (his groomsman).

Derek’s got the perfect mix of features from his good-looking parents... his father’s trademark nose and his mother’s pouting lips. He is so adorable. Certainly one of the cutest babies in the world! I can’t wait to meet this little guy in December.


Saturday 24 October 2009

Happy 2 Years in UK!

Exactly two years ago I arrived at London Heathrow, breathed England’s cold air for the first time, hopped on my first black cab ride and headed to the Anne Boleyn hotel in Staines, Middlesex.

Two years ago I did not own a pair of boots. Now I have two pairs of knee-highs and a pair of ankle-length boots.

Two years ago I did not own a single pair of skinny jeans. Now I have 3. No wait, it’s 4. Errrm no. I think there’s one stuck in the laundry basket so, oh, it’s 5 actually.


Sunday 18 October 2009

Must Have Girls' Gadgets

I finally received my long awaited Visa extension (yebah!) on Friday. So to celebrate, I went shopping yesterday. I found really good bargains in Debenhams that even the cashier expressed her envy of my finds and gushed that I am such a good bargain hunter (Grin. Pat me on the back.).

I was in such a grand celebratory mood that I grabbed not just one but two gadgets. Oh no not the Sony eBook Reader Touch that I yakked about in my previous post. Though I was in a big spender illusion I still could not afford that. Sigh. But nevertheless I am happy with my new gadgets - my first epilator and my first hair straightening iron!


Friday 16 October 2009

Sony Reader Touch: A Virtual Library Anywhere You Go

I love books. I don't travel without books. Oh not the techie, educational stuffs. I love fiction novels and I read almost all genres: Fantasy, suspense-thriller, chick lit (my current passion as I have just recently discovered how delightful Marian Keyes' books are), sci-fi and of course romance! Especially historical romance! Oh every once in a while I have to get a fix of a cheesy novel about feisty gorgeous heroines and their tall, dark, brooding men. A novel wherein I am not required to do much thinking. Just a lot of imagining about the tall, dark, brooding men.


Thursday 15 October 2009 UK's Largest Online Fashion Store

ASOS is the UK's largest online-based fashion and beauty store. It is a one-stop fashion store that sells not only lines from its own label but designer fashion goods as well. It features all the works - accessories, bags, shoes and clothes.

It full name is really As Seen On Screen. Its intention is to supply the public with outfits similar to fashion icons or celebrities. I subscribe to ASOS Style Update emails because I look forward to their Look of the Week columns where they suggest how us regular gels can put together regular outfits to copy the styles of featured A-List celebrities.


Monday 12 October 2009

My First Art Investment

I have long wanted to collect art pieces and decided that now is the good time to start since I will be moving (looking forward indeed) into a permanent home next year. My days as a wandering adventurer (in Cebuano, laagan) are numbered.

My first art purchase is no other than by my future cousin-in-law, the uber talented Mall. Here it is. Ta da!

Provoking me by May Ann Licudine

Provoking me by May Ann Licudine
Provoking me by Mall

Okay it is still marked as reserved in her blog because I have not yet paid for it. LOL.

I am not biased. I honestly love her works. They are very uplifting. Every time I look at an art piece she has created I feel transported to a happy place, a fantasy land, somewhere like Little Prince's world. I plan to decorate our home with her artworks.

Actually it is an investment. Because I have a strong gut feeling, oh it’s a certainty really that she will be world famous someday. More famous than she currently is. She is continuing to gain admirers. In fact here is a link of Julius Babao's blog about Mall.


Sunday 11 October 2009

Mango Outlet Online

Since I am saying goodbye to England in less than 2 months, I am starting to keep an online record of the good stuffs that I have discovered here during my 2 years stay. Who knows, I might have to come back here in the future.

I adore Mango fashion because its style is chic and sophisticated. But I rarely buy from the Mango store. (Okay "rarely" is subjective, but still...) Why? Because if I would just wait for styles that have caught my fancy to go out of season (I don't really care if what I'm wearing is so last season. Not that choosy. Besides I try to buy something that is wearable for all seasons.) I can purchase them at super discounted prices at the Mango Outlet Online store.

Mango Outlet Online store

See that blazer, second row, rightmost? It's retail price of 69.90€ (4,797.90Php) has been reduced to 19.90€ (1,365.92Php). What a bargain!

I have purchased from Mango Outlet more than thrice and I have never been disappointed upon receiving my orders. The clothes are always packaged well. Usually they would give you a really big box that sometimes I would panic that maybe I had hit the Checkout button twice and all I had ordered are in that box in twos. Delicate dresses / blouses often come with specialty hangers. Too bad it's only available in European countries. I will truly miss this :( Perhaps I should make one bulk purchase before I leave England... hmmm?

Mango Outlet Online available for countries


Friday 9 October 2009

Holiday in Paris for 2,500Php Only

And you don't even have to win Project Runway :)

Holiday in Paris for 2,500Php Only

Visit L'Oreal Paris Exclusif for more details.


Thursday 8 October 2009

Hearthrobs Here I Come!

This is it! There's no turning back. A point of no return.

Drum roll please.

Hearthrobs London 2009

Brilliant. Exactly a month from now I will finally see Piolo, Sam and John Lloyd live!


Tuesday 6 October 2009

Vote for Efren for CNN Hero of the Year. Apl.De.Ap's Take Me to the Philippines video.

Though I am currently living in a far away land, stories of Filipino heroic acts never failed to reach me. Mind you, I don’t have TFC. The internet is my only window to what’s going on back home. But these stories of the remarkable Filipino spirit have resonated and moved people around the globe. Here in the UK a few have been featured in the telly and newspapers.

The story of Muelmar Magallanes who lost his life, died of exhaustion after saving 30 people during the flooding.

The sorry of a Filipina catering business owner, immediately mobilizing her staff and her friends the day after the flood to provide delicious and most importantly clean food to the victims.

The story of my colleagues back home, who gladly pledged a portion of their salaries and were able to raise 100k in just 3 days to donate to the Ondoy flood victims.

... Countless admirable stories of our countrymen rallying, uniting to help the victims, our country, to recover from that catastrophe.

In all honesty, believe me in saying that I have never been this proud to be a Filipino.

But there is one story that has made me beam more with pride – the inspiring story of Efren Peñaflorida.

Efren or Kuya Ef despite of his own humble beginnings, thought more of how he can help impoverish kids in our country. He was still in highschool (August 1997) when he created the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) to offer his classmates an outlet to lift up themselves and their community. Until today children flock DTC’s kariton (pushcart) classroom to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and English from Peñaflorida and his trained teen volunteers.

What he's been doing is so amazing that he is shortlisted, in top 10, a strong candidate to become CNN's Hero of the year. Let’s all vote for him. Now na!

Vote for Efren Penaflorida CNN Hero of the Year

Visit the Dynamic Teen Company’s website if you want help make a difference.

Here’s another to uplift the Filipino spirit. Watch's (of The Black Eyed Peas) music video just released on 1st of October TAKE ME TO THE PHILIPPINES. Enjoy!

Watch out for "In Baguio, Cebu, in Subic, I take ya!"


Monday 5 October 2009

Missing Jojo's Cooking. Missing Nathan more!

Jugarisa was my highschool classmate in CIC and after graduation we lost communication, until last year. I was absolutely delighted to find out she is now living here in the UK.

Finally it was this weekend that I got the chance to visit her. It had been planned meticulously as going to their place, Lincoln City, is a bit tricky. Well tricky for someone who does not frequent the north of England. (I live in south-west of England). But technology, Google to be exact made it easier to find a way.

Aside from a booboo that cost me dearly (I queued for a coffee at Pumpkin Cafe at one of the train stops, Peterborough. Perhaps I was so focused on having my daily fix that I missed the train and I had to wait for 2 hours for the next one. Darn! Glad I brought along a book. I always bring one in case something like that happened. Oh yes, missing train schedules had happened to me before. Many times, I’ve lost count actually), the journey to Lincoln was uneventful. I was so delighted to find her with her little family tagging along, waiting for me at Metheringham

Her husband, a Briton, is very nice and obviously adores her. They call each other ‘Lang (short for Palangga, the Cebuano word for “my love”). Though he is English he is very fluent in Cebuano. He knows a wide vocabulary and can understand most of the words, especially the bad ones. He is so good in fact he has set up an English-Cebuano dictionary website.

They were such gracious hosts. They toured me around Lincoln. We visited the Lincoln Cathedral and the Lincoln Castle (just the outside, it was already closed when we got there).

I also got to meet Jugarisa’s in-laws and they are so nice! They received me warmly. By the way Jugarisa is “Jojo” here now because her in-laws couldn’t pronounce her name properly. Jojo? Sosyal na!

Jojo was like a mother hen during my visit. She was literally feeding me something every hour! Though it was goodbye-my-week's-worth-of-diet! I was nevertheless happy to be pampered, spoiled and fattened like I would be sent to the executioner’s block or the slaughterhouse the next day.  The stone I suspect I gained out of it was worth it. The meals she prepared were all yummy (My favourite is the Chicken Curry. Gosh my mouth is watering right at this moment thinking of it. Paging Jojo... The recipe please!). The meals were prepared the Filipino way. Oh you know, Filipino taste? Not bland at all. Perfect.

Though I truly miss her cooking (especially now after having had a micro-waved cod fish for dinner courtesy of Sainsbury’s) and TFC (although SNN were sombre because of a terrible calamity that has befallen our country), I miss Nathan more. Nathan is her son. He is cute, adorable and simply gorgeous. Aside from that he is so well-mannered. I couldn't believe that such a well-behaved child exists. But he does. He's truly an angel. You can’t help but fall in love with him.

Everywhere we go there were always people smiling at him, gushing admirations of what an adorable child he is. He can absolutely give Piolo a run for his money. Since I can’t adopt him (though I did more than once plotted in my creative mind to kidnap him) I am more dead set than ever to give birth to a girl someday. So at least I will have a chance, no matter how slim, to have him as a son-in-law. Since I am a believer of The Secret, perhaps I should start calling Jugarisa Mareng Jojo! LOL.

Mareng Jojo, thank you love for such a great weekend!

Nathans impossibly long eyelashes
His lashes are to die for. Such a shame to be wasted on a boy! (Oh yes I am bitter.)

Nathans impossibly long eyelashes
Can I take you home, love?


A Visit to Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral is one and finest Gothic structures in Europe. It has been a place of worship for nearly a thousand of years (dates built 1185-1311).

Its Gothic spires, stained glass windows are a site to behold. This cathedral is indeed so gorgeous that it has been featured in two major films:
Da Vinci Code (a replacement to the Westminster Abbey scene as the film wasn't able to get a permit to shoot in Westminster Abbey) and Young Victoria.

Lincoln Cathedral’s postcode is LN2 1PX

By Rail: 
From London Kings Cross take the National Express Rail service to Edinburgh. Transfer at Peterborough Station. Then take the connection train at Platform 2 to Lincoln.

Other connections include Nottingham, Grantham, Skegness, Grimsby and Birmingham.

By Road:
A1 and A46 east from Newark
A57 east from Sheffield
A15 south from M180 Scunthorpe and Hull
A15 north from Sleaford
A46 south from Grimsby

On our way to Lincoln Cathedral
On our way to the Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral Information
Lincoln Cathedral Information

Lincoln Cathedral Nave
Lincoln Cathedral Nave

Lincoln Cathedral Nave
Beautiful stained glasses adorn all over the Lincoln Cathedral

The Dean's Eye - Lincoln Cathedral
The Dean's Eye window - an 800 year old British heritage whose restoration completed just recently costed millions. (Source: Stewart Design UK)

The Dean's Eye Information - Lincoln Cathedral
Historical key stages of the Dean's Eye.

Stained Glass - Lincoln Cathedral
The East Window of the Lincoln Cathedral

Spot the Lincoln Imp - Lincoln Cathedral
Spot the Lincoln Imp!

Spot the Lincoln Imp Zoomed - Lincoln Cathedral
Close-up of the Lincoln Imp. It is the symbol of the city of Lincoln.
The Lincoln City Football Club are nicknamed "The Imps" and an image of the Lincoln Imp appears on their crest. (Source: Wikipedia)

Young Victoria Filming - Lincoln Cathedral
Filming of theYoung Victoria in the Lincoln Cathedral.

Da Vinci Code - Sir Ian Mckellen, Audrey Tautou Filming - Lincoln Cathedral
Sir Ian Mckellen and Audrey Tautou while filming Da Vinci Code in the Lincoln Cathedral.
(Image lifted from:

Da Vinci Code - Sir Ian Mckellen, Tom Hanks Filming - Lincoln Cathedral
Sir Ian Mckellen and Tom Hanks while filming Da Vinci Code in the Lincoln Cathedral.
(Image lifted from:

Lincoln Cathedral
The Lincoln Cathedral is indeed beautiful.


Friday 2 October 2009

Typhoon Pepeng Advisory. Be safe!

Typhoon Pepeng (international name Parma) is predicted to make a landfall at north Luzon on the 4th of October, Sunday. It has maximum sustained winds of 195 kph near centre and gustiness of up to 230 kph. This makes the typhoon categorised as Category 5, a “Super Typhoon” - the first time this term has been coined.

Our beloved country is still reeling to recover from the terrible damages brought by Typhoon Ondoy and now this. It's just sad. This is too soon. Let's all hope and pray that Pepeng will weaken and just dissipate. Or that it will stray from its expected course and will just die down at the ocean.

Please to all Pinoy back home, especially those living at the area where Pepeng is expected to hit, be safe! Make sure your mobile batteries are fully-charged and you have enough torches, emergency lights or candles, supply of clean water and food at home.


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