Sunday 30 May 2010

The Wisdom of Mirror and Throws

It is sale again at IKEA – woohoo! It is by far the biggest IKEA sale I’ve ever experienced. Almost 70 percent of its products are marked down!

During the weekend I forced hubby to stalk IKEA wonderland with me, hunting for considerably marked down items that I imagined would look good in our flat. These are just some of the haul that we got.
  • A strategically placed mirror enhances natural light. This classic mirror not only serves as the temporary focus of our bare living room but also reflects the natural light coming through the windows into the rest of the room.

  • To create a cosier ambience in our living room I have covered the sofa with a throw, which is extremely handy during cold nights. Instead of buying a throw take out a rarely used pashmina or shawl from hibernation and use it instead for some splash of colour – like the fuchsia pink pashmina below (our wedding giveaway by the way) on our couch that I don’t have the need to use now that it is summer in the desert.

  • Since I haven’t yet found nor have a budget for the “perfect” coffee table, this lovely stool fills that purpose for now.

P.S. I don’t know if the IKEA sale is worldwide, but here in Kuwait it is until July 2, 2010. Rush while stocks last!

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