Sunday 24 January 2010

Our First Dance

It was literally our first dance because we never went dancing before. Being in a long distance relationship, having only the chance to meet twice a year, it had never crossed our minds to go dancing. Besides, though I love him so much I don’t want to lie and say he’s a brilliant dancer...

Okay I am not much of a dancer too.

But there’s no escaping it. As customary in weddings, we had to dance our first dance as husband and wife. We ruled out dancing waltz as I wouldn’t want to bore our guests (and me) to tears. Or Swing, as I am awfully clumsy in anything ballroom. So we opted to copy the style of some first dances we saw in YouTube. A mix of slow dance first and then the music would suddenly change into a jolly or "dancy" tune.

Fortunately Harley has a skill in mixing music. A skill I forced him to unearth on Christmas day, just 2 days before our big day.

We were supposed to meet a fantastic choreographer as suggested by our wedding planner but we simply didn’t have the time. Instead we made up steps ourselves and just practiced the night before the wedding. Yes the night before... at 11:00 PM to be exact. And we had to rush it because I had a body scrub appointment at the spa downstairs at 11:20 PM.

But we did well I suppose. Our guests enjoyed it. Most likely because either they're a very easy to please bunch or they had low expectations, maybe none at all, of our dancing prowess in the first place. It's good that we had the chance to blow them away with our oozing bravado.

Our slow dance. Thanks to Mimi and Karl for capturing this sweet moment.

We each had a glass of wine before embarrassing ourselves in front of people who all knew us.

Ahh the things you never thought you would to do to keep guests entertained.

I had to take off my gorgeous shoes because as creative as we are, we didn’t include a trip-and-dive-face-first-to-the-floor routine into our dance.

Our finale step - the dip. Very original. I bet we're the only one who thought of that...

Wishing you were there to witness this one time only moment? Here’s the video. It was just taken from the back. We’re too ashamed to show our faces.


deveykus said...

Nice, totally loved that dance! Didn't know u have hidden talent.

lgeorgia said...

hi neneth!
thanks ulit gracing us with your presence on our big day. we appreciate it a lot! hope to see you again soon.

joane is there na pala! kainggit. saya nyo na dyan!