Thursday 11 February 2010

Our Gorgeous Wedding Pictures

Just 4 days after we got engaged I immediately inquired if Mimi and Karl were still available for our wedding. They were not only still available but Hana, their very efficient studio manager, kindly informed me that they were not yet open for 2009 bookings. (Well of course! Our big day was still a year and a half away. Haha!) Hana then assured she would email me when they do.

As soon as I got the email from her that they were now accepting 2009 bookings, I immediately wired the money for the reservation fee. I remember being so ecstatic when I received the confirmation that yes, we booked them.

The service we received from the dynamic and absolutely talented couple during the prenuptial shoot and the wedding itself was impeccable. It was a pleasant surprise when we were given the link of our pictures for proofing just less than a month after our wedding. And oh, the output? They are gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Harley and I are over the moon. The beautiful and amusing candid expressions of everyone on that finest day of our lives were skillfully captured.

If I have to rate Mimi and Karl, without any hesitation I say they’re a perfect 10! We are so glad that we decided to invest on wedding photography and hired one of the best in the industry. These are pictures Harley and I will definitely view over and over again, year after year, even when we grow old and toothless, even when we start having difficulty recalling the names of some people in the pictures. These are pictures we can proudly show to our children’s children as proofs that their lolo never looked so dashing (to the snow?) when he married their gorgeous (ehem) lola.

Here are few of my favourite snaps.

Our very pretty flower girl

Will go anywhere with you

Enjoying the lovely guestbook (we got this also from Mimi and Karl) while my girlfriends were busy with the chit-chat (chismis I bet!)


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