Friday 21 December 2007

Last day work (in 2007)

Today is my last day of work for this year... wohoo! I am taking the rest of the year's working days off so that I can enjoy an extended Holidays merriment with my super-mabait na boypren (Sige na, magalit ka naman ng konti, kahit once a month lang...)

Harley will be arriving tomorrow and I have to wake up really early to meet him at the airport by 7am. Oh why did he choose such awfully early flight schedule?!? Grr, I'm itching to strangle him. But I can't do that since he's so sweet to spend his holidays with me, can I? I should be really grateful of him. Because if he didn't decide to come here I'll probably spend my Christmas na mag-e-emote on Tower Bridge singing "I'll be home for Christmas", which can have me deported because the Britons will be disturbed for sure when they hear my golden voice. Gosh, even my parents cringe when they hear me sing...

Oh yes we have many things lined up to do this holiday season - Madame Tussaud's, Les Miserables, Christmas Carols at Royal Albert Hall etc. We even bought London passes ( valid for 3 days so we can visit many tourist attractions that are free with the pass. I'm so excited :) Bloody hell if only the clock can go faster. I hope this day will fastforward, I'm truly raring to go home! Bakasyon mode na talaga ako.

Monday 17 December 2007

A Simbang Gabi Wish

It's awfully quiet here in the office. Others are gone already, taking early Christmas vacation. And I am already feeling the holiday mood - ergo, I don't feel like working anymore - tamaditis na naman.

I remember the Simbang Gabi at Greenbelt, Last year I didn't miss a single mass. When I went home to Cebu, I even dragged my parents to attend a Simbang Gabi so that my "perfect attendance" wouldn't be ruined. It's because I had a wish. And Ria had told me that if you're going to complete the Simbang Gabi, whatever you wish for will come true. It happened to her, she had said. So I thought to give it a try. And besides there's no better way to prepare for Christmas than to sacrifice by hearing mass at dawn when it's so tempting to curl up and sleep because of the cold December breeze.

Did my wish come true? It did. But it didn't come easy, my patience was tested to the limit, before I got it.

I wished for a trip abroad - to be able to add another country on my pitifully short places-i've-been-too list. I reckoned it was time for me to "move on" since I was already staying for 2 years in Manila. I already explored the city to my heart's content. I was getting tired living the Makati yuppie life (naks!). And I must admit it's getting boring since Claire and Ria had moved on to wherever they are now. Besides, it's been 3 years since my last trip abroad (to Japan) and understandably I was uhaw to have my passport stamped.

That time I thought the golden ticket was the trip to Ireland, a 3-months training that my Irish boss had promised me. I was praying "Lord, pwede na to kahit na 3 months lang. Basta lang makaalis ako sa Pinas. Nangangati na paa ko e."

Nahugno ang langit og yuta (heaven and earth fell) when February came. It became apparent that the trip to Ireland wouldn't push through. That my bloody Irish boss had just been bluffing. He's not a man of his words, damn him! So I just sighed, lamenting to the heavens above, terribly heartbroken... and cursed that bloody Irish for weeks.

Then came April, I received a fateful call from one of my previous manager. Her first greeting was "George, do you want to go London?". And I was like, "Heller, tinatanong pa ba yan?" As I listened to her selling the company, my eyes went spinning like a slot machine with the jackpot not in US dollars but in Pounds! So I eagerly signed up for the company. It has been my dream to visit England eversince I started reading historical romance novels in highschool.

But I didn't fly to England right away. I had to wait 5 months for the visa and each day was agonizing because I had no idea if my visa was approved or not. I was literally scaring myself that I might not get approved because I don't have a middle name (that's another story why I don't have a middle name...) But thank God, here I am now, in beloved England.

Yes indeed, my Simbang Gabi wish came true. Albeit it took its sweet time to come into fruition, it came to me before the year ends. What's more surprising is that it's not the original answer I had wished for - I was given something more, better than I ever hoped for. And oh yes, I now believe Simbang Gabi wishes do come true. Or let me rephrase that... I believe that if you pray fervently for something, He will eventually give it to you one way or another. Though it may be delayed or the response may not be the one that you asked for, in the end He will still give it to you. He's very generous after all.

Saturday 15 December 2007

Creative, DKNY

I don't have the patience of a saint. I just couldn't resist opening my gifts under the imaginary Christmas tree. I'm glad I did, because each present turned out to be on my wishlist. I wished for an MP3 player... I got a Creative Stone 2GB from my very pretty Kris-Kringle Mommy. I wished for a jacket to protect me in this getting colder and colder nights... I got a DKNY sweater from my buntis bestfriend. Wow, DKNY... seems like being pregnant makes her less kurips... wohooo!

Thank you for these wonderful gifts. I truly appreciate the gesture and the actual gifts of course. You should be glad that I have opened them because I can now start to enjoy using them....

Friday 14 December 2007

Presents thru post

The last time I received an international snail mail was in highschool I think. Nung uso pa yung having penpal friends from abroad. Since the internet blossomed in our country the frequency of receiving snail mails (even from within Philippines) dwindled to nil. Who would bother going to the post office when you can just do it in one click? And who would waste his patience with the inefficiency of postal service in our country, with the absurd disclaimer that your mail might not reach its destination, when an eCard is guaranteed to reach your receiver in seconds? And plus the dawn of the texting era - when you can just text your greetings to your friends... pwede pa send-to-all! I used to keep this shoebox where I kept my treasured letters and cards from friends. That shoebox has been left untouched for years now. For sure cobwebs are growing on it.

I was surprise when I received my kris-kringle gift last week from my gorgeous mommy. I was doubly surprised yesterday when I received a postcard from Japan (thanks Mai!). And that surprise quadrupled this morning when our messenger handed me a package from U.S of A (thanks Claire!). Goodness me, I had actually forgotten the feeling of pure happiness receiving presents thru good ol' post. It's like, wow! for a change, I'll get stamped cards/packages this Christmas. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of my pretty friends. I'm hopeful there's more coming :p

Xmas Gift from Claire - himala!

So this is how efficient postal service is in the first-world countries. Claire mailed the package just this Monday and it only took roughly 4 days for me to receive it... amazing, isn't it? Siguro kung for Pinas pa yun, it'll take minimum of 3 weeks pag di na-trippan ng custom officer yung package mo.

Thrilled and also excited to take advantage of this "right" postal service, I went to the nearest post office to send postcards to my beloved friends. It's my first to go there, though it's just right across the street from our office. There were many people queueing because of the Christmas season. And I enjoyed the experience - nakakatuwa mag paste ng stamps! I hope my cards for friends back in the Philippines will get to them before Christmas. Sana nilagyan ko na lang yun ng prefix na "belated" sa greetings to be sure...


Monday 10 December 2007


It does seem like a long time since I blogged. It's because if I'm not busy at work (busy sa pagpapanggap), I'm busy frolicking at Central London and spending pounds (joke!). Today though I have spare time in my hands. I've finished my tasks ahead of schedule and I'm in no mood to impress my team lead by telling him that. Oh why should I? He'll just give me another work to start with, no way! I deserve to enjoy this free time. I'm planning to read that Golden Compass ebook or maybe surf about showbiz because so out of touch with the latest chismis. I'll "impress" my teamled tomorrow na, para naman bumilib sya lalo sa mga Pinoy. Itaas natin ang bandila ng Pilipinas kahit saan man tayo magpunta, okay?

Harley got denied of his Work Permit application... darn! It was unexpected because between the two of us he's the most qualified to be approved. We can't still pinpoint what exactly went wrong. Oh well, some plans just don't work out. It's not just meant to be. But I believe from the bottom of my heart that there's something better for him. Why? Because between the two of us, sya ang mabait. Since I've been given this UK opportunity, for sure he'll be blessed with something more grand. Baka punta sya sa moon! :p

And he's coming over here during the holidays - yey! We've already booked tickets for the Les Miserables and Madame Tussaud's. We're planning to watch the 2008 countdown. And of course, we'll go shopping on Boxing Day - the one day of the year when all shops in London go on sale!

With the holidays getting nearer I feel a bit melancholic. I miss my friends and family. There's really no place like home to spend the holidays - even if it's London (sigh). I miss the VPALs. I miss that time we exchanged gifts at a gazebo at Ayala. That time our budget was only 50php per gift per person because that's the only amount our meager 13th month pay would allow. (Asan na kaya yung mala-anting-anting na necklace na bigay sa akin ni Mau?) But it turned out to be the best "exchanging" gift I ever had experienced simply because the barkada's complete. Thankfully this year (thanks to Ria's innovativeness) we have this improvised global kriss kringle in which every one placed ridiculously-expensive items on their wishlists (matataas na talaga ang standards!). And I received a gift that's on my wishlist (thanks to my Mommy, di ka lang ubod ng pretty, generous pa!). Kelan kaya kami ulit magkakasama? That might not happen soon or that might not happen again because everybody is moving on to the next chapter of their lives and to the next country on their lists. The chance for all of us to gather together is getting slimmer and slimmer. Mga ambisyosa kasi, di ma-contento sa Pilipinas :p