Saturday 28 February 2009

Spring Always Comes

To say that this year is difficult one is an understatement. Last week I and my two BFFs finally had a taste how difficult it is going to be.

I almost had to fly back home because my project (I work in an IT company) suffered a slow-painful death. The managers (there was a handful because it was a large project) tried to CPR it but to no avail. It is dead now – or if not, it is in coma and will not be revived soon. Fortunately another project is going to take me on board. But it is too early to heave a sigh of relief yet because paperworks are still underway to make it official. I am crossing my fingers that nothing will go wrong.

One BFF, an IT (.NET) developer in US, got unexpectedly laid off last week. She wasn’t even given any notice – she was just told to leave ora mismo. Damn this economic crisis! I hope she will find another job soon because she is such a good person. Oh well bad things do happen to every person, even to good ones. I really wish this crisis will end soon.

But my other BFF fared the worst. She was suddenly rushed to the hospital last week and was diagnosed that she has DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This sickness presents a serious risk to her pregnancy. She is still on her first trimester. Doctors can’t cure her DVT because the procedure is dangerous for the babe. She is just given injections to prevent its worsening. She is advised bed rest until after she gives birth. Good thing that she is in Japan and she is being cared for by 3 doctors. Somehow knowing that she is receiving an excellent if not the best care in the world for her condition diminishes our tremendous worry for her. Her condition is now stabilizing. She can now walk for a prolonged period without the debilitating pain. And the babe is very healthy, thank God! But still join us in offering prayers that she will fully recover, that her DVT will just go away.

I was walking by the river Thames this afternoon when I noticed there are now buds, small blossoms and green leaves sprouting on flower beds and trees. Ahhh, I realized, winter is coming to an end. Spring is near. No matter how cold and harsh the winter has been, spring always comes.

I look forward to the end of this year. Not only because I am going to marry the guy I love, but also because I will see my two BFFs again... my Matron of Honor and my Bridesmaid. I look forward to toast a glass of champagne for my friends, for us, for weathering our storms. Oh sure, we will survive this dark year. With His grace, all of us will. If only there’s a fast-forward button that I can hit somewhere. But with life, there’s none like that. He has His reasons why He wants us to experience winter. One of these is He wants us to appreciate spring more, when it comes.

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