Friday 13 February 2009

A Yes to RH Bill

Do you know that our beloved country is the 12th most populous country in the world? There are more Filipinos (90.4 million) in the world than Britons, Welsh, Irish and Scots put together even if our country has obviously lower GDP than theirs. And absurdly enough we are still multiplying at such an alarming rate.

Truly, the Pearl of the Orient Seas is getting more and more crowded, ergo, resources per person are getting more scare day by day. Naturally every Pinoy is pushed more than ever to look beyond our shores for a chance of better life.

Oh yes we can blame the government - it being still reeking and deeply soaked in corruption. But we should stop just laying the blame on one door. We must turn our heads to look at other directions and relieve ourselves from the long running stiff neck that we have. We must also realize there are other factors at work. One of these is that our country is seriously overpopulated. As plain as broad daylight it has more mouths to feed than it simply can afford.

That's why I support the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill (House Bill No. 5043).

I have seen so many street children at Edsa sleeping under flyovers, with nothing but cardboards to sleep on at night, nothing but begging or worse, pickpocketing to feed themselves by day.

I have seen a lot of families at Baseco with at least 3 children per shanty living on top of a pile of garbage, nothing but the charity of NGOs to get a decent meal and some basic education.

No child should be brought forth into this world to live like that. It is totally irresponsible. It is inhuman.

That's why I see the wisdom to support the RH Bill. It's not a cure-all magic pill, I know. But it surely is a step. We must not stop advocating the natural birth control method. I do believe it's still the best. But we must all recognize that on its own it is not enough - the fact that we're still ballooning is a proof. Be open-minded, take time to read the advert for this bill...

If you feel the same sentiments, sign the online petition if you haven't done that yet and forward it to your friends along with the advert.

Valentines is just a few hours away. It's crazily busy in every flower shop all over the world... that is if this business is still lucrative, economic crisis and all. But one thing is for sure, love is in the air. And one thing more true - hormones are also oozing and in rampage everywhere.

More women get pregnant on Valentines Day than any other day of the year, I reckon.

Abstinence is still the best moral action but if you don't have the willpower to control yourself, be responsible and think of the future consequences and not just be immersed in the heat of the moment... be safe :)

Happy Valentines to all!!!


Anonymous said...

ang dapat if di kaafford manganak nya mamabdos, prisohon. kung daghan kag anak dako kagtax kung gamay ra kag anak, gamay ra kagtax.if pwede lang di himuon na free to all ang pag-anak, ievaluate sa government ang capability to raise a good, nourished and educated family before sila manganak, if di sila musunod kay dakpon hehehe.

lgeorgia said...

hahahaha murag mahutdan ta og prisohan ana. murag lisud kay sardinas na gani. plus lisud hire og additional motudlo og sayaw :p

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