Sunday 15 February 2009

The Evolution of Our Invitation (2nd Page)

I lifted the following images from Mall's blog entry. She is more animated in documenting our wedding invitation - her amazing work of art - than I do :)

I really can't thank Mall enough. She is very easy to work with. Just tell her what you want and the day after she can present you with ideas exactly how you envisioned (but just don't have the talent to create a scrutable draft) it to be. And she listens to every suggestion and I can tell that she's encouraging us to explore our creative side.

Even if ours was a personal favor (she just "inserted" our commission in between her hectic schedule), she made time and when she said she would finish it in x number of days - she was not kidding. She delivered. And not a rush job at all but in a superb quality that is her trademark.

Pardon me if I will say it again... but really, I heart Mall.

For guests wanting to be surprised by the finished product, don't scroll down and stop reading this!

I suggested to have more space for the entourage details and Mall, an angel that she is, readily accommodated me :)

Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Strathmore
15" X 22"


Babamoon said...

wow that's so beautiful! such a lovely idea! hope all goes well! x

lgeorgia said...

thanks :) yeah i really hope we'll be able to execute it well.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your invitations. I wish I thought of that. :)

lgeorgia said...

thanks sis! this wouldn't be possible without the help of h2b's cousin :)

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