Thursday 26 February 2009

Absolutely Delighted

People here are very eloquent. It seems that they don't go out of their houses without being armed of a list of adverbs and adjectives inside their pockets, a wide range of vocabulary that they try to use everytime they open their mouths. It is endearing that they relish using their language. Yes there's a huge difference between American English and British English. It is about three to four words per sentence.

For example, we say "I'm pleased to meet you." whenever we are introduced to someone. Here they say 'I am absolutely delighted to meet you.' or the longer version, "I am absolutely delighted to have made your acquaintance.", the word absolutely reinforcing their being delighted if by chance the person they're saying that to is not convinced. The first time someone told me that I was floored. I almost blurted out "Really?" because that sounded very nice indeed and I noticed that involuntarily my smile got bigger than usual. I then started obsessing about bestowing the same words to another myself.

I had no luck. Oh I had numerous chances but somehow I never remembered to say them. Always, the moment just passed me by. I only managed curt "nice to meet you"s or its variants. I really am a woman of few words to people I have just met and it's really hard to wean out the habit of shortcutting everything. It's even worse when I got introduced to someone blue-eyed (or was it gray?) because somehow words literally escaped me. All I could do was grin and jerk my head upwards - a gesture of greeting that only us Filipinos could possibly understand.

But that didn't deter me from rehearsing the "I am absolutely delighted" phrase. I never lost hope that someday I would use it. In fact I think I practiced it countless of times in blogging. See previous entry as proof =P

Last week I told you about our project collapsing. It has gone downhill and seems like it will stay there at the bottom for months. Our company is still negotiating with the client to close some contract. To date there is no progress whatsoever. Mid last week all of us were warned that we would all be let go and it's just a matter of how soon. My manager's assurance to extend my assignment beyond its end date of March 15 is now kaput.

But I am always surrounded by angels and this time it's no different. Two previous colleagues of mine recommended me to the projects looking for resources with my skills. On Friday I was interviewed by Project A and on Monday by Project B. By yesterday I received offers from both of these projects. 2 offers! So lucky indeed to be given options considering that the competition is now tougher because people that have been on the bench for quite awhile are more aggressive to get an assignment for a new bench management policy (aka redundancy program) has been recently released. Of course it helped that I am inexpensive. Being an offshore staff my basic charge rate (BCR) is way cheaper compared to my British counterparts. One manager aptly described me as a "good value for money" in his performance review. I couldn't help feeling like a piece of meat when I read that.

I mulled over which one to accept last night. I woke up this morning clearheaded and decided to accept Project B. I walked to the office with a renewed spring in my steps. Then I remembered that I could finally say those words, though not in the same scenario of meeting someone for the first time but in a much better context. I almost rubbed my hands together in anticipation before I picked up the phone and called the manager of Project B. The moment after he answered and I informed him it's me, I carefully uttered the words, sprinkling each with just the right amount of drama...

I am absolutely delighted to accept your offer.

And I meant every word of it. I am absolutely delighted that I am assured I am going to spend another Spring to Autumn here in the land of the Queen.


Anonymous said...

I made a blog so that I can practice writing in English. :) I linked you up. I'm absolutely delighted with this post.

lgeorgia said...

ey thanks! yep me too i started blogging to practice my english. so far i'm making progress naman. before it took me ages to put together a post, now it's a little bit faster! :p i also linked your blog here. thanks a lot for the reviews of your wedding suppliers. carry on.

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