Monday 2 March 2009

V. Posh

Posh (Victoria Beckham), along with her husband David, is a British royalty, a fashion icon. Her popularity has not waned even after moving to L.A. Writeups about her - right now it's about her latest weight issue that she's too skinny - still feature on the front pages of newspapers, covers of tabloids and magazines in every supermarket and WHSmith shop everywhere.

Last year when Harley and I went to Harrod's we noticed a lot of people milling around a certain car. I got curious because they were taking pictures of it or with it. I dragged Harley to get closer. Lo and behold it was Posh's car! So we joined the vigil of waiting for her to emerge from the equally posh store. A pretty girl beside me, clutching a Prada with one hand and her boyfriend with the other, announced, "Oh I just want to see how skinny she is in person!”

After waiting for almost like half an hour, a woman got out from Harrod's carrying lots of shopping bags, immediately jumped into the car and it sped away. We were very disappointed because she wasn't Posh at all – maybe her P.A. just taking care of some errands.

But at least I got a picture of the car...

It's odd that I haven't seen her smile in any published picture of her. She always has that distant, untouchable expression and pose. But I saw this video by Fashion File and it is hilarious that she made fun of that. She looked at her picture and shouted, "Oh she's the happiest soul. She really is. Smile b***h!"

British accent is truly adorable, don't you agree?

Hmmm I really should start posting about weddings and stuffs and get serious with researching inspirations because it's already March. How time flies!

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