Monday 2 February 2009

Heavy Snow in UK!

London rarely snows. In my 15 months of stay here I only had witnessed two instances of a few hours of trickling snow. But today nearly a foot of snow landed in most of UK (Staines included!) by noon. Meteorologists had already forewarned this and since UK is not equipped for heavy snows, schools were closed and most public transports were suspended.

Only a few reported to our office. We were advised to work from home. I think no one really worked today. A colleague had a status on his communicator saying "Taking the day off. Must help the kids build snowmen.” Hehe so sweet :)

By 3PM I abandoned any attempt to force myself to work because it's not working. I was distracted. I couldn't help but gaze outside the window, stare mesmerized as the snow fell down. My flat is just beside a busy street so I noticed people passing by wrapped in fur-trimmed jackets, lovers cuddling as they walked slowly and carefully, and kids running and hurling snowballs at each other. It’s like my bedroom window was suddenly transformed into a Hallmark Christmas eCard.

So I went out and breathed in the snow. Ahhh it was simply wonderful. The blanket of pristine white, the biting cold as I tried to grab a handful and the clean, cool smell (yes it has a smell) humbled me. I am in awe again of His magnificence. I had to utter a word of thanks for making me experience it.

Snow-gazing at my window

Snow outside my apartment building

Not as deep as some areas in the UK

Snow covered bench

The lamppost in Narnia?


reane said...

wow! ang nice ng mga photos ate george! :)

ung naka-sepia parang noon pa sya ni-picture. hehe

kawawa nga lang mga boots mo.. buti hindi mo sinusumpa ang lamig? sinumpa ko lamig sa atlanta considering na hindi naipon ang snow sa daan. tsk tsk

lgeorgia said...

thanks joane :)

di naman sya ganun kalamig - di naman kasi mahangin. pagwindy, ibang usapan na hehe.

oo nga kawawa boots ko. sabi nila di advisable yung leather sa snow, nasisira. gusto ko tuloy bumili nung UGG boots na may fur2x haha. pero hold on, credit crunch.

tuwang-tuwa talaga ako jo kasi first time ko ganito karami snow! and weather forecast says until monday daw na ganito :D ang saya!

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