Tuesday 24 February 2009


I was absolutely delighted when these were delivered to my office this afternoon.

Defensive eh? Sus If I know he just wanted to avoid paying exorbitant amount for a bouquet of flowers on Valentines! But on the plus side, this means that my handsome hubby-to-be is a wise spender after all. Whew, I should be relieved to know that I will be in good hands in the near future =p

Note to myself: I don't have to prove to anyone that I can consume all of these in one week. But I do however have to prove to myself that I have enough self control and discipline to limit gobbling just 5 pieces of these per week!

Really Harley is spoiling me too much. I ought to remind him that there's an economic crisis going on and he still has to save up for our wedding. Hey maybe he has done something naughty and this is actually his way to appease a guilty conscience - hmph! But nah... he's really a generous boyfriend from the start. It's not that I am complaning but sigh, this is very addicting. If these sweet gestures will stop when we get married, I swear I will throw a fit!

It's such a shame to discard flower bouquet wrappers. Any ideas how I can recycle this one? Sorry but I can't think of anything to do with it aside from this

Darling I know you're reading this... thank you. You really surprised me this time :)


reane said...

awwww sobrang swerte mo talaga kay kuya harley! sobra sobra. ang sweet talaga nya at magaling pa sya pumili ng gifts! he's really spoiling you te george. pero basta ba hindi ka spoiled brat ok yun! haha.

deveykus said...

Haha, sweet and nice. Don't forget you have to lose weight for your wedding :)

Anonymous said...

wow so sweet naman :-) by the way sis i added you na in my link. hope you can add my site too. thanks! :-)

trina (W@W)

lgeorgia said...

thanks joane :) hindi ako spoiled brat. not yet anyway :p

lgeorgia said...

thanks neth! just received your postcard from Sydney thanks! and ganda ng pics mo ha :)

oo nga i have to lose weight. hirap na magpapayat, di na gaya before :( penge naman ng genes mo dyan.

lgeorgia said...

hi trina!

thanks for dropping by. yep i already added, see links on the left side - under Blogging Brides. keep on blogging :)

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