Thursday 29 January 2009

The Groom Is Also On A Diet

Last December we also met up with one of Cebu's revered designer. I told him straightaway that I didn't have a specific design in mind. I just want a dress that fits our theme, best suits my body structure, and is lacy and “flowy”. He stared at me for a few minutes then sketched away. When I saw the sketch I immediately fell in love with it and immediately exclaimed, yan gusto ko! I have found my dress :D

I looked at his sketch again and almost despaired for like all design sketches he drew a sticklike figure wearing it. I don’t have skinny arms or a flat stomach. And the camera adds ten pounds and with high tech DSLRs, it’s more! :-| So I fear that the dream dress will not look so good on me after all :( The only hope is to shed a couple of pounds plus this darn winter weight gain...

The other night, not wanting to be alone having this blues, I challenged Harley that he too should lose weight. He smirked, insisting that he was still on his ideal weight and I was like pfft! You’re in denial. Prove it!

So we googled and found a site (there’s many of them) that calculates your BMI (body mass index) and how underweight/normal/overweight you are. To his horror, he found out he is indeed overweight – more than 15 pounds actually hehe! The following morning I received an email from him at work saying, I really can’t believe I’m overweight na :( (sad smiley included). To which I replied, Oh don’t worry ga, you'll always be beautiful in my eyes...

So the bride AND the groom are on diet ‘til the big day. I don’t believe in extreme dieting like skipping meals and starving myself. I simply don’t have the will to do that because I am a food lover. I love to eat! I am aiming for healthy dieting. You know watching my food intake, make sure I eat healthy and balanced meals always, resist the temptations of calorific desserts and few minutes of brisk walking a day are my plan. I want to look blooming, a blushing bride on my wedding. Not gaunt, sickly or worse, dying.

So now everytime I go to a coffee shop and look at my favourite sinful treats like chocolate cakes, minced pies and muffins, I just close my eyes and imagine that my dream dress (how I fantasize it will look like) is hovering right in front of me. So far, it’s working. But gosh, how long can I hold on? This is one great disadvantage of long engagement. I still have 11 months to endure this torture – this internal tug-of-war between my willpower and food lust. Shocks 11 months pa intawn! Good luck to us!

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