Saturday 24 January 2009

Yet another SNS: Facebook

On Wednesday night as I tried to cleanup my mailbox I noticed many unread notices from Facebook – blah blah added you as a friend on Facebook and including an invitation from Harley ages ago. So I decided to log in to my Facebook account, uploaded a profile photo so people would be affirmed it's really me and finally approved those invites.

I had been hesitant to start prettifying my Facebook because I have too many existing SNS (social networking sites) to handle. My Friendster is so cluttered with too many updates from nearly 500 friends that I don't even want to log in to it anymore… except when may bago akong narinig na chismis and gusto ko check yung Friendster profile nya to see if it's true or not *teehee*. And besides I don't need another distraction at work. God knows I have too many and I suspect my talent in multitasking has abated over the years (a good thing because it means I have succeeded in improving my ability to stay focused doing one stuff at a time... Oh you know, Multiply muna, then chat with kung sino online sa Gtalk, then surf, then work later hahahaha).

But then I noticed that most of who invited me on Facebook are professional contacts – people I'm working with now or I had the honour to work with before. So I am deciding to maintain it. Well you never know – with all the world trying to make sense of the current economic crisis and the looming gloom ahead that entails lay-offing by companies left and right *sigh*, it's good to keep in touch with your professional network. Oh this reminds me to visit my LinkedIn too…

If you worked with me before (NEC, Fujitsu, RCG & Rendition - yes my CV's quite long *giggle*), guys I'm in Facebook & LinkedIn. If you're working in Barclays or Google please please pretty please add me m(-.-)m

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