Wednesday 14 January 2009

Plum and Pink for Us

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Gels! Allow me to present our wedding motif. Drum roll please. Here it is! Ta da!
Primary color: Plum
Secondary color: Dark Pink(Cielo said we can play around with any shades of pink)
with accents of Silver and White

It's been more than a month now since I last changed my mind over what colours and how many colours to use. This motif is final and irrevocable. Even if you mean well, I’m not going to entertain any suggestions of changing it (hehehe). This is my este our wedding! I don’t want to be confused anymore. Just let me move on to the next task on the list, thank you. So Claire whether you like it or not, you're going to wear pink :)

Why plum? Mau told me once that he noticed I had many clothes in violet/plum shades. When I went home that day I checked my closet and found out he’s not just using it as a justification for giving me that charming violet anting-anting necklace on our first ever barkada Kris Kringle.  (Anting-anting kasi yung shell pendant nya twice the size of a 5 peso coin!) He was right. I did have significant number of blouses in shades of violet. It dawned on me na favourite shade ko rin pala sya!

Why pink? Pink is my favourite of all my favourite colours. It’s a dream of mine to walk down the aisle amidst a sea of pink. Sigh. 

Why silver and white? I wish I can say they’re Harley’s favourite colours but they’re not. I just want to add silver and white accents to tone down / soften the plum and pink combination (errr makes sense?). Okay before you castigate me for not allowing Harley to contribute something to our motif, l would like to add that I have chosen plum also because it reminds me of Scotland, where he proposed. Plum is the colour of Thistles, Scotland’s floral emblem, which were literally budding everywhere during that trip to the Highlands. 

Well Harley doesn’t really care about the wedding preparation details as long as I’m still within the budget. I tried to draw him in by asking which one is better, plum or violet, but he just went blue screen. I really don’t mind if he'll leave all the decision making to me. The only contribution I require from him (aside from his checking account of course =p) is his punctual attendance on our wedding day.

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