Monday 26 January 2009

London Night Shots

Fern, Darlene and Regi from Logica Philippines are here in UK for a 3 week training. It is Darlene and Reggie's first trip abroad - very bongga UK agad!

Yesterday we went to a Filipino Baptist gathering and after the service I "attacked" the Filipino eat-all-you-can free lunch there (I admit the food was the reason why they succeeded in dragging me there in the first place). It was raining, which put a damper to our original plan of me touring them around London's famous landmarks. So instead after lunch I accompanied them to Primark at Oxford St. as they also had to shop more winter clothes. We had dinner afterwards at LaTasca - a Spanish restaurant, which was very disappointing because their serving of paella was so cute for its price it made me cry with frustration. We didn't have our fill at all! We had to eat again, as in we need too because our tummies were literally grumbling their discontent, in Costa (Fern and I) and Burger King (Darlene and Regi) before going home.

As we walked towards Waterloo station where we were supposed to catch our train back to Staines, I couldn't resist to take pictures of them with the beautiful night lights of Trafalgar, London Eye & Big Ben. Even if I had to get a bit wet (yes it was raining the whole day - it's England after all) because it's tricky to shoot using my DSLR while balancing my leopard-print umbrella with my armpit, it was worth it. I was able to capture good enough photos. Yipee it seems that I am getting better with this manual settings thingy! I showed this shots to Harley a while ago and he exclaimed I have levelled up... (Talaga? hehe di naman masyado *blush*)

So my friends, come, visit London! I am not only a free of charge (willing to accept tips) tourist guide but can be your personal paparazzo as well. Sige na while the British Pound is at its lowest value ever!

Fern, Reggie & Darlene in front of National Gallery, Trafalgar

Darlene, Fern & Reggie at Hungerford Bride (London Eye & Big Ben at the background)




Darlene, Fern & Reggie again

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