Tuesday 20 January 2009

The Evolution of Our Invitation (Chapter 1)

Mall is designing our invitation! *big grin* I am truly lucky for having a future cousin-in-law who is not only gifted but also very kind to share her talent and precious time. Of course it helps that Harley is one her favourite cousins ... teehee :)

Harley and I aim of personalizing our wedding as best as possible and Mall's priceless contribution is a step. We want our wedding to be uniquely ours - invitations, giveaways etc. that we're planning to give will represent who we are, what we like and the memorable moments we had as a couple. Our guests should brace themselves for a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of ka-cornihan hehe =p

Our theme (Oh yes, there's a theme! And the ka-cornihan officially starts now...) is an Enchanted and Romantic wedding with a banquet under the stars with the soothing waves of the sea serenading every bite and munch. We will do our best to pull off our dream (more of mine truthfully) wedding. I even have started my nightly "devotional" of praying among other wishes that the sun will be shining, clear skies, no trace of rain whatsoever on our wedding day :-S Wish us luck!

We asked Mall to capture our magical moment in Scotland. The next day she sent us her sketches – concept studies for us to choose from.

And here's her explanation for each...

For the Study No.1:
Front ground: you both walk together in a fresh green grassfield just like River Ness with glowing birds, orbs, swans and little flowers.
Middle ground: that's a gradient blue - violet river along the River Ness with trees, branches and cute singing birds. With flowing falling dramatic leaves. It would be great to put fonts / info on the river.
Background: That's a classic castle just like Scotland Highlands. The sky might be sunset or night sky with the glowing castles.

For the Study No.2:
Front ground: trees with birds, flowing falling dramatic leaves and orbs (and fireflies / butterflies),
Middle ground: river area, it would be great to put fonts / info
Background: you both sit together on the grass field with rocks, orbs, small butterflies

For the Study No.3:
Front ground: you both stand together (side view; face to face) in the grass field with orbs, fireflies, butterflies
Middle ground: river area, it would be great to put fonts / info
Background: grassfield with glowing castles in the night sky

Mall also studied our expressions by digging into our countless photos in our Multiply sites. She came up with these Little Prince-esque close-up illustrations of us.

Harley is more charming than Harry Potter (totally true in real life!) and I can't believe that to an outsider I seem demure and ladylike pala! *blush*... Oh okay more like pa-cute masyado :-| If you’re thinking that the big black dot at my left cheek is a mole... Or a huge, ripe, ready to pop pimple... Well excuse me! Mall clarified it is my, ehem, adorable dimple. *wink2x*

We had a hard time choosing because we adore all of them! But we had to and we picked out Study No. 1. Here's her final sketch for it.

WOW. I am like a wood nymph being chased and wooed by a handsome mortal nerd (?). Ang haba ng hair ko, parang nagpa-digital perm... I love it!

Gosh we can't wait for her final coloured illustration! She assured us she will finish it in two to three weeks time. Then we'll have it scanned and let Cielo handle the printing and assembly. We plan to have Mall’s work of art framed and then hanged on the wall of our future home someday. We will treasure it forever because this sweet gesture of hers is after all the first ever wedding gift that we have received (^-^)

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