Thursday 8 January 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland and more Holiday Pics

Harley and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland last December 15. Although I already have been a Disneyland (Tokyo) 3 times, the experience in HK Disneyland was more dear to me because I was with my Prince Charming (naks!).

HK Disneyland is not as big compared to Tokyo's though. Maybe because it's still new and still on the process of expansion. And it also lacks most of the adult rides - so thrill-seeking visitors might be disappointed there. However it's more tourist friendly because there are English translations everywhere (I mean compared to Tokyo ha). Maybe they anticipated that most visitors will be from other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia etc, not only Chinese. Since there were not much thrill rides (as if pud mosakay ko :P) what Harley and I did there was attend theatre shows. Ganda ng shows nila... worth it sa pila! Made me reminisce my many favourite Disney moments - I was even surprised that I could still sing along with most of the songs.

View our pics.
Also some pics in this album are taken during the holidays - precious moments with my family and friends.

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