Monday 16 March 2009

Point and Shoot: Weekend 14-15 March '09

A brother's love. (Staines, Middlesex)

I miss my girlfriends. (Staines, Middlesex)

A fallen grocery cart. (Station Path, Staines, Middlesex)

On their way to Twickenham Stadium to watch the England vs. France rugby match.
The English triumphed over le French. (Twickenham Station)

Surfboarders and Rollerbladers' nook (Thames Path - Embankment)

Book sale under Waterloo bridge. Don't know if this occurs every weekend.
(The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

What? No sandcastles? I still prefer a sandcastle over a giant sandbeetle - or is it a sandcockroach?
(The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

Blackfriars bridge, with St. Paul's Cathedral behind, on a glorious day.
(taken from The Queen's Walk - Embankment)

I must agree with these kids that indeed rolling down the path is a faster way to enter Tate Modern. (Tate Modern - London)

Contemporary art by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster sponsored by Unilever.
Hmmm just rows and rows of bunk beds, a huge flat screen, a giant apple and a giant spider.
(Tate Modern - London)

At least these beds have practical uses. (Tate Modern - London)

Back of a huge flat screen (Tate Modern - London)

Oh, hello there! Sorry kid, I don't have a Kleenex. (Tate Modern - London)

Need a part time job? Be a Velotaxi (pedicab) driver on weekends. You only have to wear that interesting hat on St. Patrick's Day. (Trafalgar Square)

Proudly Irish.
Celebrating the feast of one of Ireland's patron saint St. Patrick. (Trafalgar Square)

A vintage car, also in St. Patrick's Day spirit. (near Trafalgar Square)


Mall said...

SWEEETTTIEEE! I'm so happy that you start doing your photojournalism (i mean, photo diary!!!) I really enjoy all of your great shots with your adorable description. :D MORE MORE MORE!!!!

I got Nikon d90 last night!!! Mag-aaral ako mabuti, hehehe! Pag may question ako, tanong po kita! :D Miss you ate!!!

reane said...

astig!!! nice shots te george. very creative. :)

lgeorgia said...

To Mall:

thanks yey tuwa naman ako you like my shots. coming from you... really i'm so glad! *big grin*

wow may d90 ka na!?? congratz! so happy for you :D i'm the one who should be asking for tips. hehe hamak na d60 lang dlr ko...

i am looking forward to see your pics using your d90. post agad ha!

miss you too cuz. hope to see you in july!

lgeorgia said...

To Reane:

Thanks! Hihihi pero kulang pa to... needs practice pa talaga.