Tuesday 10 March 2009

Curtis Nemetz Wedding Videos

Aside from Threelogy and of course the great Jason Magbanua, I also follow this blog for wedding video inspirations - Curtis Nemetz Productions (sample video below). Most videos are refreshing, fun, and though not the usual tear jerker style, but still touching. I visit this site on the lookout of songs (mostly contemporary) they are using in the videos because until now Harley and I haven't yet chosen THE song to use for our onsite AVP. Any suggestions? :)

Sean and Jenny's Highlights Video from curtis nemetz on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I wanted a Rob Thomas, a Smashing Pumpkins, or a Maroon 5 song. :)

david santos said...

Congratulations! Have a nice weekend.

carlamaldita said...

nakakalito sa dami ng nice songs noh!


carlamaldita said...

have a tag for you sis:

lgeorgia said...

hi tani,

good choices! i like rob thomas (matchbox twenty), smashing pumpkins & maroon 5. you're into alternative pala! kami din ni harley :)

hi david,
thanks for dropping by :)

hi carla,
yep nakakalito, nahihirapan kami ni harley mag-agree into one song hehe. thanks for tagging me, i'll pass this along.