Tuesday 3 March 2009


I have a friend here. He always feeds me chocolates. (He treats me like a kid. He sometimes would bring her daughter's DVDs like HS Musical / Bring It On for me to borrow. I hope that only means I still look young =p). Yesterday I told him to stop. I wailed that I truly have to diet and he is not helping me. I reasoned I want to fit beautifully into my wedding gown! He smiled and just said, of course. I should have realized there's something more to that twinkle in his eyes.

Because when I arrived in our office I was shocked to find these (pardon the low-tech phone) waiting for me on my desk! It's a pleasant surprise of course and I am grateful of such literally sweet gesture, but I also want to strangle him at the same time. He's really cheeky!

Now I have too many temptations to resist - help! Last week Harley gifted me a box of Thornton's chocolates. Gosh it's so delicious that it's killing me. It's haunting me every night! "Georgia... georgia... ", I swear I could hear those sinful midgets nestled in that box teasing, beckoning, seducing me to give in, to just have a bite or two.

Last night I succeeded in resisting the temptation, which required every ounce of my self-restraint. (Don't ask me if I had been as successful the other night and the night before that.) But the moment I woke up this morning, I scrambled from my bed, rushed off to the ref and ahhhhhh unceremoniously stuffed my mouth with 2 truffles, though tiny but of course packed with lots of unhealthy calories. Conjuring images of my dream wedding dress in my mind is not effective anymore :( Yes I failed in my original plan to consume no less than 5 of these little monsters. I'm weak. Sigh. If only I can buy doses of self-control somewhere. But I'd rather splurge on "super fast metabolism" if that's also on sale!

The cheeky friend.


reane said...

ate george aside from trying not to to eat chocolates, you're also trying to be super model employee! asan ka? hindi ka na nagoonline? :((

lgeorgia said...


i'm in gtalk, invi lang. you're welcome to drop me a message anytime. ikaw pa! :)

hope things everything's alright!


Dee said...

huwaw! congrats on the dot com. :)

and what a sweet treat!! :D continue to be fab georgia even if makaluspad na ang katugnaw dha :D

lgeorgia said...

thanks Dee!

And also congrats on your new .com - you inspire me to practice my meager photography skills. i'm a fan!

di na kaayo tugnaw diri. I've survived the coldest winter in 9 years here in UK :)