Monday 16 March 2009

Wedding AVP Songs (1st List)

For now these are the songs that's on our list. Tell us which one you like :)

1. Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)

I am an addict of Dancing on Ice and when Ray Quinn danced (uhm very well, skated) to this song, I was entranced.

I am rooting for Ray to win DOI. What a talented young chap he really is! He cannot only sing brilliantly (he came second to Leona Lewis in X Factor), he can skate very gracefully as well - like a pro! I truly hope he wins.

This is the full length version of Use Somebody. We want to use this song but isn't it too alternative? We may like it now but what if 50 years from now, when Harley and I gray-haired (blonde for me) and toothless watch our wedding AVP (over and over again), will we still find the song cool? Or will we hate it, finding it too alternative or noisy?

2. Til Kingdom Come (Coldplay)

I absolutely adore this song. I don't know why but it evokes a certain emotion from me. But Harley says it's just OK. Ergo, he doesn't like it. Sigh.

3. You and Me (Lifehouse)

Now this song really makes me sigh. Harley says this is our theme song (though I can't remember however when and how it started to become our song). I love Jason Wade's voice and I can imagine myself still going gooey inside listening to him 50 years from now. Our problem with it is that it's a bit slow for AVP. Hmmm, what do you think?

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