Friday 20 March 2009

Wedding AVP Songs (2nd List)

My friends suggested these following songs. You might like one of these for your Wedding AVP. Enjoy (^-^)

And more suggestions please...

  • I Do (Jewel)

  • Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)

  • There are also other versions of this song by Carrie Underwood and Selah.

  • Lucky (Jason Mraz)


carlamaldita said...

love ko yang God bless the broken sa wedsite namin

khimphotz said...


i super love the God ble ss the broken road.... sissy gamitin ko toh inspiration sa wedding ko ha. at the end of the day talagang w@wies ang mga saviour hehehe. I'll add ur site sa likn ko sissy ha. Hope you'll add me also. Di ako nakapagbukas masaydo ng yahoo mail eh so kahit dito man lang sa blog eh mavisit at makamusta kita hehehe. I'll follow your blog para pag may latest post ka mabasa ko agad.

here's my link:

khim ni roj


lgeorgia said...

hi carla,

oo nga super ganda ng message ng bless the broken road :)

lgeorgia said...

hi khim,

welcome! blogging bride ka rin pala :) and thanks for dropping by.

yep sure oo naman, use that song for inspiration :)

yeah me too i will add you to my links (blogs to follow)

happy preps and happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

I love Jewel. Orig if ever you use it. Di siya masyado sikat dito.