Monday 5 October 2009

Missing Jojo's Cooking. Missing Nathan more!

Jugarisa was my highschool classmate in CIC and after graduation we lost communication, until last year. I was absolutely delighted to find out she is now living here in the UK.

Finally it was this weekend that I got the chance to visit her. It had been planned meticulously as going to their place, Lincoln City, is a bit tricky. Well tricky for someone who does not frequent the north of England. (I live in south-west of England). But technology, Google to be exact made it easier to find a way.

Aside from a booboo that cost me dearly (I queued for a coffee at Pumpkin Cafe at one of the train stops, Peterborough. Perhaps I was so focused on having my daily fix that I missed the train and I had to wait for 2 hours for the next one. Darn! Glad I brought along a book. I always bring one in case something like that happened. Oh yes, missing train schedules had happened to me before. Many times, I’ve lost count actually), the journey to Lincoln was uneventful. I was so delighted to find her with her little family tagging along, waiting for me at Metheringham

Her husband, a Briton, is very nice and obviously adores her. They call each other ‘Lang (short for Palangga, the Cebuano word for “my love”). Though he is English he is very fluent in Cebuano. He knows a wide vocabulary and can understand most of the words, especially the bad ones. He is so good in fact he has set up an English-Cebuano dictionary website.

They were such gracious hosts. They toured me around Lincoln. We visited the Lincoln Cathedral and the Lincoln Castle (just the outside, it was already closed when we got there).

I also got to meet Jugarisa’s in-laws and they are so nice! They received me warmly. By the way Jugarisa is “Jojo” here now because her in-laws couldn’t pronounce her name properly. Jojo? Sosyal na!

Jojo was like a mother hen during my visit. She was literally feeding me something every hour! Though it was goodbye-my-week's-worth-of-diet! I was nevertheless happy to be pampered, spoiled and fattened like I would be sent to the executioner’s block or the slaughterhouse the next day.  The stone I suspect I gained out of it was worth it. The meals she prepared were all yummy (My favourite is the Chicken Curry. Gosh my mouth is watering right at this moment thinking of it. Paging Jojo... The recipe please!). The meals were prepared the Filipino way. Oh you know, Filipino taste? Not bland at all. Perfect.

Though I truly miss her cooking (especially now after having had a micro-waved cod fish for dinner courtesy of Sainsbury’s) and TFC (although SNN were sombre because of a terrible calamity that has befallen our country), I miss Nathan more. Nathan is her son. He is cute, adorable and simply gorgeous. Aside from that he is so well-mannered. I couldn't believe that such a well-behaved child exists. But he does. He's truly an angel. You can’t help but fall in love with him.

Everywhere we go there were always people smiling at him, gushing admirations of what an adorable child he is. He can absolutely give Piolo a run for his money. Since I can’t adopt him (though I did more than once plotted in my creative mind to kidnap him) I am more dead set than ever to give birth to a girl someday. So at least I will have a chance, no matter how slim, to have him as a son-in-law. Since I am a believer of The Secret, perhaps I should start calling Jugarisa Mareng Jojo! LOL.

Mareng Jojo, thank you love for such a great weekend!

Nathans impossibly long eyelashes
His lashes are to die for. Such a shame to be wasted on a boy! (Oh yes I am bitter.)

Nathans impossibly long eyelashes
Can I take you home, love?


carlamaldita said...

ang cute cute naman!

(and this is by me too)

aneshka said...

bisita sa ako sis luto tika hotdog ug bacon :|

lgeorgia said...


oo nga. ganda ng mix ng Briton and Pinay :)

lgeorgia said...


erm okay ra basta red na hotdog.. tender juicy. pareha pagkaluto atong sa CIC!

Unknown said...

THIS IS ME!!! Oh my goodness. Im glad to know you have missed me, I am doing alright. I am 14 now, no longer a little baby. I still have those lashes XD (they are certainly NOT a waste on me hahah). Its nice to hear this again from an old friend of my mums. And no, I don't think my mum will let you take me, sorry! Haha anyways hope I can see you again soon.

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