Monday 12 October 2009

My First Art Investment

I have long wanted to collect art pieces and decided that now is the good time to start since I will be moving (looking forward indeed) into a permanent home next year. My days as a wandering adventurer (in Cebuano, laagan) are numbered.

My first art purchase is no other than by my future cousin-in-law, the uber talented Mall. Here it is. Ta da!

Provoking me by May Ann Licudine

Provoking me by May Ann Licudine
Provoking me by Mall

Okay it is still marked as reserved in her blog because I have not yet paid for it. LOL.

I am not biased. I honestly love her works. They are very uplifting. Every time I look at an art piece she has created I feel transported to a happy place, a fantasy land, somewhere like Little Prince's world. I plan to decorate our home with her artworks.

Actually it is an investment. Because I have a strong gut feeling, oh it’s a certainty really that she will be world famous someday. More famous than she currently is. She is continuing to gain admirers. In fact here is a link of Julius Babao's blog about Mall.

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