Sunday 11 October 2009

Mango Outlet Online

Since I am saying goodbye to England in less than 2 months, I am starting to keep an online record of the good stuffs that I have discovered here during my 2 years stay. Who knows, I might have to come back here in the future.

I adore Mango fashion because its style is chic and sophisticated. But I rarely buy from the Mango store. (Okay "rarely" is subjective, but still...) Why? Because if I would just wait for styles that have caught my fancy to go out of season (I don't really care if what I'm wearing is so last season. Not that choosy. Besides I try to buy something that is wearable for all seasons.) I can purchase them at super discounted prices at the Mango Outlet Online store.

Mango Outlet Online store

See that blazer, second row, rightmost? It's retail price of 69.90€ (4,797.90Php) has been reduced to 19.90€ (1,365.92Php). What a bargain!

I have purchased from Mango Outlet more than thrice and I have never been disappointed upon receiving my orders. The clothes are always packaged well. Usually they would give you a really big box that sometimes I would panic that maybe I had hit the Checkout button twice and all I had ordered are in that box in twos. Delicate dresses / blouses often come with specialty hangers. Too bad it's only available in European countries. I will truly miss this :( Perhaps I should make one bulk purchase before I leave England... hmmm?

Mango Outlet Online available for countries

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