Friday 16 October 2009

Sony Reader Touch: A Virtual Library Anywhere You Go

I love books. I don't travel without books. Oh not the techie, educational stuffs. I love fiction novels and I read almost all genres: Fantasy, suspense-thriller, chick lit (my current passion as I have just recently discovered how delightful Marian Keyes' books are), sci-fi and of course romance! Especially historical romance! Oh every once in a while I have to get a fix of a cheesy novel about feisty gorgeous heroines and their tall, dark, brooding men. A novel wherein I am not required to do much thinking. Just a lot of imagining about the tall, dark, brooding men.

I can’t live without books. And that passion has increased during my stay here in UK. A few days in a week I have to travel to/from my London office and a book is my lifeline to survive the sheer boredom of an hour train journey each way. But always carrying around a book in my bag I suspect has caused my right shoulder to be a bit lopsided and seemingly permanently pained (just slight). Of course emptying out half of my kikay kit’s (beauty kit) contents is definitely out of the question.

But Sony has just released a new gadget that can effectively ease the strain on my shoulder bag straps - the Sony eBook Reader Touch! It’s so light. It weighs just less than 300 grams.

The Sony Reader Touch can carry up to 350 eBooks in its built-in 512mb memory. You can add up more memory with its MS Duo and SD card slots for up to 13,000 eBooks. Virtually your entire library everywhere you go.
Sony Reader Touch
Its screen is a 6" E Ink® Vizplex™ - a paper like screen that has no backlight or flicker so you can read for hours even at direct sunlight and any angle.
Sony Reader Touch
It’s Touch! You can just turn pages with just a slide of a finger.
Sony Reader Touch
Its advance features include quick search for books by authors, titles, keywords on its virtual keyboard.
Sony Reader Touch
You can also create notes, highlight a phrase and search its meaning in the built-in Oxford English dictionary.

Its battery life can last up to 7,500 continuous page turns from a single charge. You can even listen to music while you read as it supports MP3 files. Currently its sleek aluminium design is only available in two colours: black and silver. Sony might be cooking up a pink version soon as its earlier non-touch Reader Pocket version comes in pink.
Sony Reader Touch
Sony Reader Pocket Version

Okay this may not be a new concept. There are similar gadgets out there in the market. For example the Amazon Kindle. But this is Sony. I have always been satisfied with Sony products. My Sony Vaio pink that I use every day, sometimes even 24 hours on weekends, has never conked out on me. If it is from Sony, it must be good!

I really x 10 to the nth power want this but it costs 249 quid! (or Php 19k). Sigh. I hope Santa is listening. I have been a good girl the whole year round so I truly must deserve this eh? Santa, I wouldn’t mind if it’s not pink.

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