Sunday 18 October 2009

Must Have Girls' Gadgets

I finally received my long awaited Visa extension (yebah!) on Friday. So to celebrate, I went shopping yesterday. I found really good bargains in Debenhams that even the cashier expressed her envy of my finds and gushed that I am such a good bargain hunter (Grin. Pat me on the back.).

I was in such a grand celebratory mood that I grabbed not just one but two gadgets. Oh no not the Sony eBook Reader Touch that I yakked about in my previous post. Though I was in a big spender illusion I still could not afford that. Sigh. But nevertheless I am happy with my new gadgets - my first epilator and my first hair straightening iron!

No, I am not still in my teens. Wish ko lang (I wish). I am just a late bloomer...

When I was still in Manila I used to use the Sally Hansen Hair Removal cream on my legs until I got some burns. So I just go to the salon for professional waxing.

But going to a salon here in the UK is uber expensive. Good thing I discovered the Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin. I really like it. It’s very quick and easy to use. And it’s not messy. The trick is to spread baby oil on your legs to remove the sticky feeling on your skin. It’s £9 (Php 688) per box, which can last up to three to four usage.  Although Php 150 to Php200 per usage is not that expensive but if that’s accumulated to years of buying wax strips, it’s a lot of money.

I was twiddling with the idea of “investing” on an epilator. Yesterday I finally took the leap and bought the cheapest Braun (since I read in Amazon that it’s the brand with mostly good reviews) I could find in Boots. It costs £38 (Php 2,907).

Brain Silk.epil Soft Perfection Epilator
Brain Silk.epil Soft Perfection Epilator

I opened it at once when I got home. Too excited about this little thing that I accidentally cut on the manual. LOL.

Yes I immediately tried it and the verdict? Love it!

Braun Epilator Head
Epilator's head closeup
Braun Silk.epil Soft Perfection:
    20 tweezers for a gentle introduction to epilation
    2 epilation speeds. Perfect for beginners new to epilation, or for experienced users.
    Active massaging rollers stimulate and relax skin which makes the epilation more gentle,
        even on sensitive areas.

Gosh Braun should give me some freebies for this free endorsement!

Before using it I was already preparing myself for the pain. I had heard that it’s more painful than waxing. But no. Not really. It’s way more tolerable than waxing. If you’re used to plucking your eyebrows, an epilator is a piece of cake.

The second gadget I bought is this BaByliss ceramic hair straightening iron. I just couldn’t resist buying it because it’s so cute, can fit in a handbag and it's red! Its size is perfect for fringes*.

BaBylis pro 200 nano

*Fringes are bangs by the way. The first time I went to a Toni and Guy salon here for a haircut I asked the stylist that I wanted some bangs and she went blank. I had to make some gestures, pointing on my generous forehead, to make her understand. Then she exclaimed, ohhh fringes! Oh okay, fringes. Same as a lift is an elevator, a lorry is a truck, a torch is a flashlight and the list goes on and on. Apparently we were not taught the proper English at school. Tsk.


aneshka said...

ok lang ang epilator sa eyebrows ug kili2?

Tani said...

I learned so much from your post! I didn't know the exchange rate of Phil peso to pounds, what an epilator is and what fringes are. :) Now I do. :) Oh, and I love the Debenhams here. My good clothes and my children's came from Debenhams.

lgeorgia said...

sis, pwede sya sa face. bunch of tweezers man sya, no chemicals involved. tanawa ni o:

lgeorgia said...

thanks for reading :) glad to know na di lang pala ako walang alam about epilator. di pa kasi sya uso sa pinas noh?

yeah i like debenhams. quality yung benta nila :)

** maricris ** said...

i started using epilator nung mapunta lang ako sg. before then sally hansen din gamit ko sa pinas.
korek george, must have talaga ito, as in!
claire, mahirap sya gamitin sa kili2. eyebrows- ayaw ko itry, baka maubos.

lgeorgia said...

ah matagal mo na pala tong nadiscover! share mo naman latest beauty tips mo :)

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